Sunday, August 2, 2009

It took long enough...

I FINALLY found Animated Cliffjumper yesterday. It was at a Kohl's, of all places. This also unfortunately meant that it was really expensive for what it was - 12 dollars for an 8 dollar toy. However, considering this is the only time I've ever seen this toy, it was worth it. Better than going on ebay and having to pay even more for shipping, anyway. Speaking of ebay, they had 2. I should have bought the other to sell. Oh well.

He is a cool little guy. The new head sculpt looks great, though it limits the side-to-side movement. The car mode looks a bit plain compared to Activator Bumblebee, too (not to mention either Classics or Movie Cliffjumper).

I'm REALLY getting impatient trying to find ROTF Leader Jetfire. There's a lot of other new stuf fthat's supposed to be out now too, but I only found some repaints the other day - none of the four new deluxe molds that're being released.