Sunday, March 27, 2011

A few more HTS orders

So, I got my stuff from HTS a couple of weeks ago. Skyhammer, whom I call the UT version of Movie Dreadwing, is better than I though, as is his minicon Airlift, who has this great trick where his hips/legs link and turn with his head so that you can have two weapon modes that look essentially the same, but one attaches via a powerlinx port (female) and the other can be held by a male one that's a 5mm post. Pretty neat. Also, Scourge is great; his alt mode is unique among aircraft TFs and is actually close to being beautiful. Kup is not quite as awesome as you think he'll be, but neither does he really disappoint. I'm really glad now that I caved on the Walmart HFTD repaint of Recon Ironhide, because he still makes a pretty nice Movie Kup and can exchange weapons with the new Generations one. However, I now feel the need to go back and get Brakedown GTS, who is a blatant War Within Kup homage, even if I don't care much for the mode (it can't store its cyber key in alt mode, and it's the only Cybertron toy to not have that ability).

Anyway, newer stuff keeps sporadically popping up, and I've managed to get most of it, at this point only missing out on RTS Grapple (a Universe Inferno remold) and Windcharger (the only Classics-stlyed scout so far, at least until they release Frumble). So, I made two orders, one with RTS Lugnut and four of the upcoming RTS Legends (Megatron, Optimus, Starscream, and Goldbug) and then one with Generations Wheeljack and Thundercracker.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New stuff coming in from HTS...

Well, finding new stuff, especially PCCs, has not been easy lately, so I bit the bullet a week & and a half ago and ordered a few items from HTS: Generations Kup & Scourge and PCC Skyhammer/Airlift and Undertow/Waterlog. I'm sure I'll never see the latter two at retail, and finding the first two won't be too easy either. I was disappointed that PCC Heavytread/Groundspike wasn't available, because I know he'll be equally unavailable. They also added PCC Over-Run (Dragstrip) after the order, but I'm not sure about him.

Really looking forward to Thundercracker and Wheeljack, too.