Sunday, February 28, 2010

No pics for now...

Can't post pics right now since the wife's computer is on the fritz, and mine is too old to be able to accept SD cards, and we don't have an adapter.

Also, any worries about the tax return are now over, so Botcon is still a go. Hooray.

Possibly bad news: my wife went to the obstetrician the other day, and she isn't measuring as big as she should be. So I'm praying that when we go in for the ultrasound tomorrow that everything's ok with our daughter (who still doesn't have a first name, by the way).

Friday, February 26, 2010

Ok, so maybe I do own them.

Ok, I was able to pick up the Animated Arcee being held for me today. I'm so glad I called - they only got these in this Wednesday, and there were none left on the shelves. Cybertronian Ratchet (they had 2 of those left) is still at my parents', and I probably won't pick it up from them until next weekend, as they've just today left for a week-long cruise.

I also found and picked up ROTF Skystalker at a Target. He's pretty damned awesome.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Animated Arcee and Cybertronian Ratchet...I don't own them.

I've only checked for these 2 toys twice myself. The fact that they're Toys R US exclusives means that even checking a store requires driving at least an hour away. I got my mom to check a store on her route home from work yesterday, but still no dice. I'm thinking about checking my closest store again today, but fear walking away empty handed after driving all the way there just for those 2 toys.

Why, oh why, couldn't these be mass releases or, at least, Walmart exclusives?

Update on 2/24: Well, I may not yet own them, but I soon will. My dad (rather unexpectedly) picked up Ratchet on Monday, and I called the local TRU this afternoon, and they've got an Arcee set aside with my name on it. Got to decide if I want to go all the way there on Friday night or just wait until Saturday morning...

At any rate, I'll do another set of photos this weekend with the new Animated deluxes, and the recent ROTF legends I promised to take pics of.

Sadly, the Animated TRU exclusives will be the last TFs I should be buying on my own for a while...I told my wife that I'd not buy any until Botcon this summer (however, I may not be able to go at this point if our tax return is as bad as we think it might be). So, I'm hoping that my wife/parents will get me a couple of the new NEST deluxes and scouts for Easter and/or random gifts.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Devastation on the small scale...

My son and I finally found Legends Devastator yesterday after a whirlwind tour of "local" Walmarts.

He merited a RPMs Bumblebee for his good humor during the hunt.

Legendstator is about as awesome as I thought he'd be. Very fun.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yep, more Legends

My wife actually let me go a bit out of the way to stop at a Walmart on the way to my parents' this afternoon. I was hoping to find Legendstator (of course I didn't!).

However, I did find the newest wave of ROTF Legends, which I really didn't expect (especially not this locally) to see for at least another few weeks. This wave only has 3 new toys - Arcee, Jolt, and Stealth Bumblebee (repaint). I got all three using a gift card for Christmas and only owed 95 cents. it was pretty great, and now that's 3 less toys on my Spring Wants list. I'll probably post pics tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day

So, the Valentine's dinner last night was a success. Seasoned steak, lobster tail, baby portabella mushrooms, asparagus, and salad with homemade raspberry vinaigrette. It was delicious, plus chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert. Yum. Oh, and my wife got me a 20 dollar gift card to be used toward a TF, so that means between that card and my remaining Christmas card, Legendstator will be free when I find him!

As for Toy Fair, where to begin? 2010 clearly looks like the real 25th anniversary, with so much great stuff coming down the pipe.

I guess I'll start with the Movie toys. As noted before, the current Revenge of the Fallen toyline is being "canceled" - but not really. It's getting a name and packaging change later in the year (maybe soon, like late spring?) and will now be called Hunt for the Decepticons. Which I'm grateful for, as all of the previously seen package images didn't have the little sticker with that name, leading me without a proper handle for the toyline. But no matter, it's now Transformers: HFTD, or maybe even just Transformers: HD. As in, HFTD Deluxe Ironhide or HD Leader Starscream.

Beginning with HFTD Legends:

-Ravage: Awesome. I was really hoping they'd do this, if onyl so we could have a transforming Ravage toy that could be displayed alongside ROTF Soundwave. Is it sad that this was one of the toys I was most excited about seeing yesterday afternoon?

-Rampage - totally new mold - as in, not the Rampage legends toy that comes with Legendstator - and in red. Also, his jackhammer leg can split in two, just like the deluxe. His tread/claw arms are really reminiscent of Energon Landmine's "brute" mode.

- Long Haul - again, another totally new, non-Legendstator mold. Looks good enough, although not necessarily as better than the original as Rampage's new mold does. I find it interesting that two total non-characters in the movie are also the first to get 2 separate legends toys in the same toyline (well, if you count ROTF and HFTD to be the same line, which they really are).

- Sandstorm - repaint of Universe Beachcomber in G1 Sandstorm colors. Not bad, but I don't know if I need it.

- Fireburst Optimus Prime - another not-totally-different repaint of ROTF Legends Prime, but a heck of a lot better looking than the Power Armor version I'm currently saddled with. I might get him.

- Cyberfire Bumblebee - ROTF Legends 'Bee with one stripe instead of two. Lame.

- I think that's it.

HFTD Scouts:

- Brimstone: Awesome Decepticon chopper bike with blue and green flames and a terrifying (if hilarious) bot mode. Basically, Cybertron Lugnutz done right. In one of the better uses of bike wheel kibble ever, the front wheel splits to form circular blades (with little clawed hands!).

- Hubcap: A red, Autobot, 30s-style hot rod. Absolutely great, and makes up a bit for the fact that Crankstart is just a Dune Runner repaint and not the Ransack/Model-T design we saw last year. This was the one toy yesterday that my wife desrcibed as "pretty cool," even saying that her dad would like it.

- Insecticon: looks just like the robotic fly Sam kills in the ROTF movie, but with a sick bot mode. Lovely. Wonder how long it will take to get the G1-color repaint?

- Breacher: Blue, Autbot armored vehicle (APC?), along the lines of Movie Wreckage. Between the name and colors, it honestly seems more like an upgraded form for ROTF Beachcomber.

- Backfire - ROTF Knock Out in what looks like G1 Ramjet's colors. Autobot. Pass.

-Crankstart - ROTF Dune Runner in black with yellow stripes. This toy should die solely for not being the Ransack Model-T mentioned above.

HFTD Deluxes:

- Elita-1: Disappointingly, just a repaint of Chromia. Still, at least she exists.

- Hailstorm: Awesome, awesome Decepticon multi-missle launching tank (think CD Scattorshot). All 8 (!) missiles actually launch, though. Green camo deco.

- Ironhide: Looks pretty damn great when correctly transformed. Still has the familiar multi-barreled right-arm cannon, but the left arm cannon has been replaced by some kind of different-looking cannon emplacement thing that's a "drone" somehow. It can also attach to his truck bed. Pretty damn cool overall; Ironhide has adjusted to this smaller size even better than Ratchet.

- Sidearm Sideswipe: SASS, in other words. A totally new ROTF Sideswipe mold. Mostly silver car mode with red flames at the front (looks a bit like Drift, actually), completely new (sort of backwards) transformation, and a bot mode with guns rather than swords. Neat.

- Jetblade: White/light blue repaint of ROTF Dirge. For some people, that automatically makes this a new ROTF Ramjet toy, but I'm pretty satisfied with my current ROTF Ramjet, and this guy, along with his new name and sufficiently new color scheme, would serve as a new Seeker character for me. Not sure if I'll get him, though.

- Sea Attack Ravage: Looks more movie-accurate than either regular Ravage or Recon Ravage. And honestly, I would have preferred this to be the mail-away version. But whatever. I probably won't be getting it.

- Battle Blade Bumblebee: Apparently a totally new deluxe ROTF BB mold. To keep myself from being branded a "Energon Starscream is totally a remold of G2 Smokescreen!" kind of guy, I'll just say that the lower legs/calfs/shins don't look very different from the previous deluxe movie BBs. However, everything else (even the toes and heels attached to those lower legs) does appear to be brand new, and fairly ambitious at that. His right actually manages to transform between hand and plasma cannon, and his left arm houses a pretty cool flip-out energon axe. He also has a new battle mask head (don't know if it retracts). I'll be getting him (and even then, I'll still have only 4 total deluxe Movie BBs).

HFTD Voyagers:

- Battle Blades Optimus Prime - Optimus finally gets a new voyager mold, after having his 2007 voyager mold languish in Unending Crappy Repaint Hell for 3 years. This mold, like the ROTF leader mold, is very movie accurate, has both arm swords, but also has a chest cavity with removable Matrix of Leadership. Awesome! Here's hoping HA Sam can hold it.

- Sea Spray - kind of talked about him a few posts back. At any rate, he's a keeper. He's also one of only two new-mold, new-character Voyager Autobots in the ROTF/HFTD line, the other being Stratosphere from last summer!

- Night Ops Ratchet - mostly black Ratchet repaint that looks like he could be a good Toxitron toy. Won't get it.

- Payload: Yellow Long Haul repaint seen before. Pass.

HFTD Human Alliance:

- Jazz w/ Lennox: Oh yes. It's about time he got a decent mold (yes, I do own his deluxe mold 4 times over, shut up). His transformation scheme takes some liberties with the chest and arms, but otherwise he appear perfect. And yes, he finally has the real crescent-shield gun, which, by the way, transforms into a motorcycle for Lennox. Too friggin' awesome.

HFTD Leaders:

- Starscream: Duh. A no-brainer.

- Optimus Prime: don't know if he has a new name/modifer. I mean, I knew Hasbro was going to release some kind of sort-of-changed Leader Optimus repaint, but I was really hoping for them to bring the Buster Prime remold over. And they sort-of have done that - this remold has a mask-less face (dont' know if it's the same as the Buster version, but it's close enough), and also articulated hooks instead of swords, and he's covered in battle damaged paint. Basically, it's ROTF Forest Battle Prime. I'll probably get it. That way, I can leave the normal version combined with Jetfire.

HFTD Activators - Bumblebee, Prime and Megatron - I knew the activators design model would not work well with the movie aesthetic. What a sad race of cybertronians.

HFTD Battle Ops Bumblebee - if it was a Leader class toy, I would've gotten it. For now, it's still too big and expensive (like Ultimate BB was), and the new Battle Blade BB is sating my desire for a BB with transformable arm cannon.

Next up are the Transformers: Power Core Combiners (PCCs). This is a pretty interesting and somewhat innovative line. The core (heh) of the line are a series of scout-sized robots that each have robot, vehicle, and combiner torso (complete with second head) modes. Some of these guys only come with a energon-clear minicon, which in itself has 4 modes - robot, weapon for the larger robot, weapon for the vehicle, and armor for the larger robot (this last mode is the one that I have yet to see any pics of). Other Power Core guys come not with a minicon, but with four Legends-sized vehicle drones, each of which automorphs into an arm or leg, depending on the vehicle. However, any of the scout-sized guys can use any of the limbs or minicons, and the minicons can additionally attach to the limbs. In other words, there's a lot of room for customizaiton here. Overall, the 2-pack sets seem a bit stronger than the 5-packs, and Bombshock (so far) seems to be the best of the 5-packs.

PCC Scout/Minicon sets:

- Huffer with Caliburst: seen in an earlier blog posting, this guy is a pretty clear update to G1 Huffer, at least in visuals. Not much new to report about him.

- Smolder with Chopster: A Decepticon firetruck with a Minicon axe. Doesn't get much more unconventional than this! Not news, as it was revealed online a few weeks ago, but still neat.

- Searchlight with Backwind: Great, great update. The original G1 Searchlight was a white Throttlebot car with a ridiculous six headlights. Now, he's a Chinook-style helicopter whose (unfortunately-named) Minicon serves as a search light/rescue hook/minigun emplacement in vehicle mode. The colors and minicon gimmick indicate this is, in face, intended to at least be an homage to the G1 original. Oh, and he has an awesome bot mode, with each hand armed with his rotors. I love the whole deal.

- Icepick with Chainclaw: A monstrous snowmobile (akin to the Armada Minicon Iceberg), but one with a Minicon on top that serves as a MLRS! Very cool, with an awesome Polar boy-style head sculpt (icesicle hair, for the uninitiated). Very similar colors to the aforementioned Jetblade.

- Leadfoot with Pinpoint: Orange & white Indy-style race car whose Minicon becomes a twin-barreled cannon. Homage to his G1 namesake. Pretty cool; car mode is a bit on the futuristic side.

- Sledge with Throttler: Sledge is some kind of construction machine; Throttler might turn into a drill bit (he's pretty clear purple!). Sledge's bot mode has legs and arms that are somewhat reminiscent of Energon Scorponok.

PCC 5 packs:

- Skyburst with Aerialbots: Skyburst is some kind of made-up stealth fighter/bomber whose alt mode and bot mode are pretty reminiscent of Energon Storm Jet. His drones include a white E-2/A-10 hybrid (arm), a yellow Coast Guard-ish generic rescue copter (arm), a blue Hind-ish gunship (leg) and a made-up delta-winged fighter whose colors bring G1 Skydive to mind (leg). Combined mode (name?) is pretty monstrous - especially the insectoid, clawed helicopter hand. I'll probably get it.

- Bombshock with Combaticons: Bombshock is an Onslaught clone, although he derives his name and green main color from a G1 Micromaster (who I for one am glad to see get resurrected/homaged). His drones include a tankish twin missile carrier (arm), an Energon Kickback-ish twin-barreled tank (arm), a halftrack APC (leg), and an armored HWMVEE/Jeep thing (leg). Combined mode (apparently just called "Bombshock Power-Up Mode") looks pretty awesome.

- Double Clutch with Rallybots: Double Clutch is a light blue sports car (no bot images yet). His limbs include 4 other sports cars - black, red, blue/white, and orange.

- Mudslinger with Destructicons: Mudslinger is a monster truck. His limbs are a rather Mad Max collection of modified cars and trucks.

The last main toyline is Transformers: Generations. This is a great name, and the toyline itself is the 4th line in a great tradition of "catch-all"/G1-focused lines, beginning with Universe (2003), going to Classics, and more recently the 2nd Universe line that ended last year. So far, this is a pretty small line, but (for now) consists of proportionally many more new molds than repaints, which is a great thing. Some of the toys are specifically designed to accompany the upcomign War for Cybertron (WFC) video game, featuring only Cybertronian alt-modes. Also, all the toys so far in this line are deluxes.

- WFC Optimus Prime: What can I say? It's G1 Optimus, in a Cybertronian form, and the toy is actually playable, unlike the Titanium War Within toy. Apparently doesn't have his energon axe, though.

-WFC Bumblebee: Great cybertronian car mode, has an actual (futuristic) pistol, and also "stinger" blade on his forearms. And maybe some really nice shiny paint.

- WFC Megatron: Cool fusion of Animated Voyager Megatron's alt mode, Classics Voyager Megatron's bot mode, and some Movie-esque shattered metal aesthetic. Alt mode is a hover-tank.

- Drift: the first IDW-original character get his own toy! I'm so happy that this exists - it's going to make so many who hate the character have fits. Car mode is kind of boring, but the bot mode is great (unique transformation for a sports car TF), and he has 3 swords!

- Thrust: An American release/repaint of the Japanese Henkei Thrust! This is actually still based on Classics Ramjet, but I'll certainly take it. Both the Japanese and Botcon versions are stupidly expensive. Plus, this opens the door of possibility that Dirge and Thundercracker will be released.

- Darkmount: Really Strxus from the G1 comics, this guy turns into a tank and also has a pretty good-looking cannon-emplacement mode. Has his characteristic "icepick" weapon. This greases a lot of fanboys' gear, but I'd buy it for the mold design alone (I have no love for the Marvel G1 comics, let alone their lazily-designed exclusive characters).

Expensive Exclusives:

- Masterpiece Grimlock: This thing is finally getting a US release, as a Toys R Us exclusive. It has the deco of the first Japanese release, but includes the crown accessory of the repaint. Christmas present?

-Commemorative Series Blaster with Eject, Steeljaw, and Ramhorn. San Diego Comic Con exclusive, meaning I'll have to get it off of I hope it's not too expensive, but the Soundwave + 4 tapes from last year was 50 dollars, and Blaster is much bigger than Soundwave. Still, I'll try to get it.

Whew. Comments on over 40 Transformers toys, and that's not even all that was shown!

Just when I thought I was out...

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Since I'm about to begin preparing Valentine's dinner for my wife, I'll just say a few things:

1. Wow,


2. I'm very glad I decided to renew my club membership. Granted, their site only has pics for about half the things being shown (and I really want to see some of those other transformers), but I'd be dying inside if all I could have at the moment were little text descriptions.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day!

So, after going to bed last night, all prepared to go to work the next day, we get woken up by a 10:15 phone call saying that there's no school today, due to the possibility of inclement weather. Awesome. It was really nice to be able to turn off my alarm clock at that point and know I could sleep as long as my child would let me (read: only about 30 extra minutes).

Of course, there's no snow (yet), but that doesn't bother me. Between this snow day and the recent days off for the doctor visits, I've actually managed to only work 4 days a week for the past 3 weeks, which is kinda cool.

Unfortunately, there probably won't be any new additions to the Invasion this weekend, as even though I've told my wife that I'd like Animated Arcee/Animated Cybertronian Ratchet/ROTF Legends Devastator for Valentine's day, she probably wouldn't be able to find them. Thus far, the Animated exclusives have had zero reported sightings in the state, and there's only been one for Legendstator.

But who knows.

Oh, and I might put up some more pictures later. I feel like making an ROTF airplane-mold photoshoot.

Edit: Also, I forgot to mention that the NYC Toy Fair is this weekend. Can't wait to find out some details on the upcoming TF stuff for this year. I'm sure to post a response to all of it later on.

Edit 2: Sure enough, right as I started taking pics of my ROTF Decepticon air force, God turned the snow on. I got a few pictures of the snowfall, but it's pretty light and hard to see, as you can observe above.

Edit 3: My son woke up, so we went out and played in the winter wonderland.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mail-away offer for metal feline

Well, I'm sending off for my first mail-away Transformer figure today - Recon Ravage. Too bad I was too young during G1 to send of for Reflector or the Omnibots. I do remember somehow finding the Reflector offer form and being excited about it, only for my mom to tell me that it was no longer valid at that point in time.

Recon Ravage will kind of make up for this. I just hope the next one (maybe they'll do another as soon as this fall?) is a more interesting mold in a more interesting deco.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

You are getting very tired...

ROTF Mindwipe just came in the mail about an hour ago. He's huge! Much more bang for the buck than the typical latter-day Voyager. Awesome wing automorph, too.

I also made a separate page for the Collection Roster, so I can continually update it without having to post huge roster posts every few months.

Also, you may have been able to notice in the previous gallery post that my ROTF Battlefield Bumblebee has an asymmetric paint job on his head. Thankfully, my wife was gracious enough to search for one with a correct paint job (she and her friend went shopping today) so I can return the bum version.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Foot surgery!

I had a plantar wart in my foot and finally was able to get it cut out today. Had to take a day off of work and drive over an hour away to do it, but it's gone, something my wife (and the doctor) were pretty pleased about. I don't know much about warts; didn't know until last night that they were viral in nature, and the doctor told me that you can catch the virus just by stepping on a stick or a plastic toy! In other scenarios, they can get into wounds or can be caught from the air. I had no idea that an airborne virus could give me a wart on my foot.

Anyhow, on the way to the doctor, I made a stop and found the new Target exclusive NEST Legends class 2-packs. I hadn't really thought much about getting these. One of theme is a definite no-go - it's just legends Skids and Mudflap in slightly weirder (but not truly different) color schemes. That makes three exclusive multi-packs that legends Mudflap has been a part of now, by the way.

Another set had ROTF legends Bumblebee and a repaint of Universe legends Wheelie based on Botcon Shadow Striker. That set was more enticing, as I don't own Universe Wheelie, nor do I own Shadow Striker, and her (yep, she's a female TF) deco on the Wheelie mold looks pretty damn good. Bumblebee, however, is (yet again) barely repaint, this time with some cyberglyphics graphics on the doors. I didnt' really want this redundant Bumblebee ( I plan on getting the upcoming Stealth Bumblebee non-exclusive repaint).

Third up was a set including a repaint of Universe legends Hot Rod (or Rodimus, whatever) in the traditional Smokescreen colors, paired with the 2007 Movie legends Starscream mold in black with his ROTF tattoos in metallic teal (much like the upcoming KMart exclusive ROTF Nebular Starscream repaint). Like Shadow Striker/Wheelie, I never found the Universe Hot Rod mold before, and getting Smokescreen repainted from Hot Rod (rather than Prowl, like he normally would be) was pretty interesting. Starscream, while already owning 3 copies of the mold (I got rid of my original 2007 version after getting the ROTF repaint) was worth a look if only because it was a way to get the Nebular deco at a cheaper price.

So I ended up but the two latter sets. Bumblebee is, unfortunately, the cost of doing business; I have no real use for him, and I'll still be getting the Stealth repaint whenever it shows up. It's kind of worth it for Shadow Striker, though - the base mold is pretty awesome, with an excellent transformation (if no usefull elbow or knee joints). The car mode is where it's really at, though. It's like they turned the old, bat-face-grilled Batmobile and turned it into a subcompact. The angles and curves on this thing make it look really aggressive, though, almost as if it's an off-road vehicle.

Smokescreen is a bit plain-looking when it comes to bot mode colors, but his build makes him look strong; I could see why if Hasbro really did intend for this mold to be Rodimus Prime and not just the younger Hot Rod. The alt mode is really suited to Smokescreen's rally car theme, too. One of the neatest aspects of the toy is the pseudo-automorph that's initiate by moving the spoiler back or forward, depending in the direction of the transformation. It's a neat touch in a size class of such little toys that ususally don't get that kind of attention.

Starscream looks great. This really is the best-looking version of the mold so far (so long as you don't mind the cyberglyphic tattoos). It's also worth owning despite me already having another black Starscream repaint - the 2008 Allspark Battles Stealth Starscream - which has been serving as Movie legends Skywarp since I bought him, anyway. This new repaint is actually kind of creepy looking, almost like what Movie Starscream would look like if he were a Black Lantern.

Also, I'm glad the NEST Battle Pack arrived from HTS today, since it was also the first day I saw it in stores, and I hate hate hate ordering stuff from HTS and finding it on shelves before I get it in the mail (i'm particularly glad that I still haven't seen ROTF Legends Wheelie and Soundwave, now that HTS sent them to me). I haven't gotten to play much with either Battleifield Bumblebee or Infiltration Soundwave yet, but BB feels a bit loose, and it doesn't seem like his arms peg or secure in altmode; it seems like they're just supposed to stay in place by joint friction. Soundwave, on the other hand, is a bit "tighter" than the original release, and the new colors look very good, homaging the Japansese Soundblater toy (as Animated Electrostatic Soundwave also does) while still doing his own thing. Of course, I own more than three nest releases now, but I just got finished adhering 3 of my NEST stickers to the mail-away form for the exclsuive Recon Ravage repaint, which I mentioned about 2 posts ago.

Now I'm eagerly awaiting ROTF Mindwipe (it shipped the other day), and hoping that my wife would both be inclined and able to find either TF Animated Arcee and Cybertron Ratchet or ROTF Legends Devastator for Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ROTF Legends Soundwave & Wheelie

Well, Hasbro decided to break my order up into at least two shipments, since the legends toys weren't a preorder - they went ahead and shipped those first, and they arrived today. Of course, as I noted last night, that means I know have to figure out something to do with the Prime and Sideswipe repaints, but the new molds are pretty cool.

The main appeal behind Wheelie is, of course, his size. One of the smaller transformers (his alt mode is a toy RC truck), his only other toy is a fairly tall deluxe. While that actually fits in scale quite well with Scalpel and Ejector (two other TFs who turn into "objects"), he's far too big to fit in with most vehicle mode TFs. While the legends version is still a bit big to realistically do this, he's much closer than the deluxe. His truck mode is very compact-looking from the front, though marred by obvious robot parts on the back. Overall, pretty neat, but could be better.

Soundwave's strength is also his bot mode. Since his alt mode is a cybertronian satellite, it doesn't have to look much like anything, meaning that the designers could put more thought into is robot form. He's one of the more posable legends - his head is balljointed, as are his shoulders. He's got 180 degree hinge elbows, balljointed hips, and even an ankle hinge. The only key joints he's missing are knees (similar to how Legends Animated Prowl was only missing forward shoulder movement). One neat thing is that, even though he only has one official alt mode - the satellite (which, like the deluxe, has its own head mold) - you can finagle a spacecraft mode out of it, like the deluxe has.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More NEST Global Alliance is on its way

Payday was finally last Friday, and I went ahead and ordered some new (and sort of new) stuff from HTS:

Battlefield Bumblebee vs. Infiltration Soundwave Battle Pack

Voyager Class Mindwipe

ROTF Legends Class Soundwave, Wheelie, Power Armor Optimus Prime, and Bluesteel Sideswipe

The thing I'm most excited about here is Mindwipe. This is an update of the G1 character of the same name, which I knew about as a kid but never owned (I did own, and still own, his buddy Weirdwolf). This new version is a new, different character set in the Movie universe, with a design to match. No longer does he possess a bat mode; rather, he transforms into the nocturnal tactical bomber, the F-117 (or, at least, a close approximation), which, honestly, doesn't look much different from a bat. The bat motif carries over even more strongly in his bot mode. Additionally, even though ROTF Mindwipe isn't a Headmaster, unlike his G1 counterpart, he can combine with a smaller robot - scout class Skystalker , a stealth bomber UCAV, can dorsally dock with Mindwipe when they're in alt mode. Pretty neat, even if I won't have Skystalker until later.

The 2 pack is of secondary interest, if only because both toys are either repaints (Soundwave) or remolds (Bumblebee). However, both are pretty different from the other versions I own, and the 2-pack also includes a NEST patch (I'm a big sucker for patches) and the mail-away form for the Recon Ravage repaint, which I'm buying mostly to convince Hasbro to do another mail-away offer in the future. Hey, it's a deluxe for only $4.95.

The legends are a source of some ire. I have not once seen the two toys from this wave that I actually want - Soundwave and Wheelie - in stores, despite alledgedly being availabel since early December. I really don't want the Optimus and Sideswipe repaints, since they look very similar to the originals, but this was the only way to guarantee that I'd get Soundwave and Wheelie, and I wasn't about to miss out on them like I did with the last wave of Universe Legends last spring.

Also, Botcon registration is supposed to start this month, and I'm going!