Saturday, February 20, 2010

Animated Arcee and Cybertronian Ratchet...I don't own them.

I've only checked for these 2 toys twice myself. The fact that they're Toys R US exclusives means that even checking a store requires driving at least an hour away. I got my mom to check a store on her route home from work yesterday, but still no dice. I'm thinking about checking my closest store again today, but fear walking away empty handed after driving all the way there just for those 2 toys.

Why, oh why, couldn't these be mass releases or, at least, Walmart exclusives?

Update on 2/24: Well, I may not yet own them, but I soon will. My dad (rather unexpectedly) picked up Ratchet on Monday, and I called the local TRU this afternoon, and they've got an Arcee set aside with my name on it. Got to decide if I want to go all the way there on Friday night or just wait until Saturday morning...

At any rate, I'll do another set of photos this weekend with the new Animated deluxes, and the recent ROTF legends I promised to take pics of.

Sadly, the Animated TRU exclusives will be the last TFs I should be buying on my own for a while...I told my wife that I'd not buy any until Botcon this summer (however, I may not be able to go at this point if our tax return is as bad as we think it might be). So, I'm hoping that my wife/parents will get me a couple of the new NEST deluxes and scouts for Easter and/or random gifts.

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