Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas time is here...almost

Been a while. Christmas is coming in just a few more days, though, and I thought I'd update.

Firstly, the only TF thing I know for sure I'm getting is the TRU release of the US DOTM Jetwing Optimus. TRU did a 50% off (so, $50) Black Friday sale, and the wife and I braved the TRU by one of the biggest malls in the state on Thanksgiving night, so I went ahead and got it for myself. I'd love to get Metroplex, too, but I'm 100% sure that won't happen. Maybe post-Christmas if I get enough in money/gift cards/etc. My son is getting the Rescue Bots Beam Box system from my parents, so I picked up the Boulder figurine for it. I also got him the RB Optimus figurine (the bagged version w/o a human) for a stocking stuffer, along with Kre-O Custom Optimus. A friend from work has bought him the Kre-O Ripclaw set. I also bought him all 5 Kre-O Seacons a couple months back, intended as a school incentive, but we didn't end up using them, so he'll probably get them too. I think that may be it on the TF front this Christmas.

In other news, the local Walmart continues to suck, most recently only having 2 BH CV Commanders in stock. And, honestly, it wasn't much better than that before Black Friday. In more fortunate parts of the country, people have been finding deluxe Generations T30 wave 3 (which they are also callign 2014 wave 1, to further confuse things). That's the wave with Waspinator, Skids, Goldbug, and G2 Dreadwing. Waspinator I want for sure, and I was also interested in Goldbug some (I didn't get the original version of this mold, and if I get this remold, it'll look like a real upgrade next to Classics BB) and Dreadwing. Skids. not so much; I love the design in the comics but the toy looks iffy.

Also, lots of in-hand pics have surfaced of the wave 4 toys, which I'm more excited about (save for Scoop). Armada Starscream, the new Minicon Combiner (named Centuritron with components Wind Shear, Heavy Tread, and Runway) and WfC/FoC Skywarp to complete the main Seeker trio from that mold.

In addition, pics of the next Generations wave (wave 5) have surfaced, first from the club mag and then online. This one has Rattrap, Crosscut (silver Skids with a new head) and BM Tankor. I'll probably get Rattrap. I'm not REALLY excited about him like a lot of other people, but it does look like the best Rattrap yet and uses his Season 1 design, which the original toy of is notoriously expensive in the aftermarket (and not that good anyway). Crosscut I'm not interested in; he's a nonentity, and while his new head is better than Skids', that mold is just not selling me. Tankor has disappointed a lot of people; his tank mode is a bit skinnier than they would like, and he may not have his backwards legs, but I think he's fine. In fact, I'm really excited about him. I've dug out my BM Mega Tankorr, BWR Tankor/Tank drone, and Energon Signal Flare (I use him as a UT Tankor) out as a result and have been playing with them a lot.