Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ultra gear

So Botcon 2012 has come and gone. Honestly, there wasn't a whole lot of actual toy news. For instance, the only TFP toys that we hadn't seen yet (and also there are no public pics of these yet) are legion Airachnid and Voyager Thundertron. That's it.

However, I am excited by a bit of other news. One thing that's not really clear on this site is that one of my favorite TFs is Ultra Magnus. I just love the guy. And now we know that we are getting no less than four Ultra Magnus toys in 2012/2013!

Granted, one of them is the Botcon exclusive we already knew about, Shattered Glass Magnus, which I just bought along with the new SG Optimus from a fellow Allsparker. We also recently saw images of TFP Magns, a totally new mold CV Commander class toy that resembles Animated Magnus quite a bit.

But now we know of two other Magnus toys:

Timelines Ultra Mammoth - a repaint of BW Neo Big Convoy in Magnus' colors, this thing looks great. Unfortunately, like SG Magnus, this will also be expensive, especially since it's one of the biggest club exclusives made in a long time. Still, I aim to get this one, even if I decide not to go for the whole subscription line from the club.

Fall of Cybertron Ultra Magnus - this is a remold of FoC Optimus, which I honestly wasn't impressed with, to the point that I was considering skipping it - a rare thing for me when it comes to Optimus molds. However, this mold works very very well as Magnus, especially since they gave it an actual Magnus head mold (no white Prime here) and a new gun/sword. Very cool stuff, and he should be in decent scale with SG Magnus.