Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh son!

So I picked up the DOTM DVD today!

I haven't gotten any physical presents yet, so I also picked up a Voyager Sentinel Prime. I know, he's on my list, but it's like only the second time I've seen him, so I have no idea how much luck my parents would have at finding him. Awesome gun.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Ok, here it is. So far all I've gotten is money/checks and a Starbuck's gift certificate from my wife (along with a drink!). Pretty cool. Now, if I only knew what my parents planned to get so I could buy whatever in Orlando this weekend...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

B-day list, round 2

Ok, so here's a C&P of the Word file b-day list I've made for my mom:

  • Masterpiece Rodimus Prime (Toys R Us exclusive; $60 – this is the one I want most)
  • Transformers 3 (Dark of the Moon):

    • Human Alliance class (all $30 each)
      • Leadfoot (red Target NASCAR; only avail. at Target stores)

      • Roadbuster (green Amp NASCAR w/guns sticking out)

      • Skids/Elita-1 (black/green compact car w/purple motorcycle robot)

    • Voyager class ($20)
      • Sentinel Prime (red fire truck)

    • Cyberverse ($30)
      • Ark (Spaceship/base w/Roller robot – turns into lunar rover)

  • Kre-O (Transformer legos)
    • Starscream (Red/grey/blue jet, $30)
    • Megatron (Grey/red truck, $30)
    • Sentinel Prime (red fire truck, $40)
    • Optimus Prime (large version: truck with trailer, $60)

Man, that's a lot more spaced out than I expected. Anyway, here's some of the other stuff that'll be out this fall/winter that I want before the year is out:


CV Legion:
- Soundwave

CV Commander:
- ??? Is anything else interesting coming out this year? I guess we'll likely get a Shockwave release.

HA Scouts:
- Icepick

- Air Raid
- Wheeljack
- Soundwave

-Cannon Force Ironhide

Human Alliance:
- Soundwave


Uh, the only 2 guys that are left:
- Sky Shadow


CV Legion:
-Wheeljack (likely w/o spaceship)

CV Commander:
-Optimus Prime

-Optimus Prime
-Cliffjumper (probably normal, not Terrorcon)

-Optimus Prime