Thursday, December 31, 2009

NEST: Global Alliance

The Revenge of the Fallen toyline has officially turned over - the newest toys coming out are now marked as ROTF: NEST Global Alliance toys.

I've managed to pick up three so far:

Deluxe Dirge

Voyager Bludgeon

Voyager Recon Ironhide

They're all pretty awesome, Ironhide particularly so. He, much like Cybertron Dark Crumplezone, is how to really do a remold.

Oh, and happy new year! This'll be the last post of 2009. See you in...the future!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Haul

Well, it's safe to say that I did pretty well in terms of TF presents this year.

That's mostly due to my wife letting me buy all those older transformers off of ebay, but I also managed to net 3 Toys R Us exclusives from my Mom - ROTF Whirl/Bludgeon, Reissue Perceptor, and the reissue Insecticons. Moreover, I also received a fairly big amount of funds - both in cash and Walmart gift cards - that will be going toward some of the new ROTF: NEST Global Alliance toys. My grandmother gave me a 100 dollar bill, which is going to be the starting point of some savings I'm going to use for this summer's Botcon. It's in Orlando, which is where my older cousin lives (no hotel fees!), and the wife gave the green light to go!

Anyway, back to the haul:


Beat Wars Transmetal II Megatron: just amazing. As great as everyone say he is. And he HUGE, too. Incredible that something like this only used to cost 20 dollars at retail.

Beast Wars Fuzor Torca: Well, I broke his tail off right after I opened him, but I managed to fix it with superglue. He's pretty cool, but after seeing how big he should be in the comics, he's a bit underwhelming. Also, his kibble really restricts his movement.

Beast Wars Fuzor Airhammer: really cool concept, but bad plastic colors and overall, just not that interesting. Most boring of the Christmas TFs. Still, it's a shark with wings.

Beast Wars Transmetal II Spittor - I wanted the original all-organic version, but this turned out to be a pretty cool toy. Even the ridiculous back-claw is kind of cool. Does a good "Spider-Man on a building roof" pose.

Beast Wars Claw Jaw - A squid! Not as nice-looking as the blue Japanese Ikard repaint, but still a surprisingly fun mold, particularly the chest/squid mouth biting gimmick. I will say, however, that his "weapon" is one of the most abstract TF weapons out there.

Beast Machines Buzzsaw - don't have the BW version of him, but this is also a toy that turned out to be way cool. It's really one of the best wasp/bee Transformer molds ever. The wings = legs bit is particularly unique and inspired.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas approaches!

With only 3 full days before Christmas (yikes! I've got to get cracking on those few last gifts), I figured I'd wax poetic on the subject. First of all, even though this is a Transformers blog, don't forget the reason we have this holiday - Christ was born, beginning the ultimate game-changer in all of history. Those must have been exciting times to live in.

Here in the present (Christmas 2009! Wow, the future is here!), I'm very excited for this Christmas. It'll be my son's 3rd Christmas, but it's really his first in a way - it's the first year that he's really understood what's going on, talking about Santa Claus, reindeer, baby Jesus, etc. He's also pretty amped about the family being together - he's been talking about seeing my grandmother for a solid 2 weeks now. I hope he enjoys it all while he can, seeing as this will be his last Christmas as an only child. Next year, he'll have his baby sister to contend with.

I'm also pretty pleased with myself - not only have a procured a lot of TFs for myself, but I'm also very satisfied with my main gift for my wife. I stumbled upon the idea of getting her customized bookplates, since we both are big readers and have a ton of books. I got her 100 bookplates with her name on them - they also have a cat on top of some books as the picture, since she really likes cats.

I'll list an analysis of the "haul" sometime on Sunday probably, but as it has been seen from my ebay posts, it'll be pretty big (my mom alone is getting me 2 pretty pricey TRU exclusives).

Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Transformers of 2009!

Copied from my thread at the Allspark:

We've got 10 days left in the year. While some releases are still squeaking out - like Legends Soundwave & Wheelie, and NEST Dirge and his wavemates - I figured we could go ahead and discuss what makes the grade in this pretty special year for Transformers.

Best overall Transformer: ROTF Leader Optimus Prime. Masterpiece-level engineering for ~40 dollars. Manages to improve in every way on the 2007 mold, which I thought was absolutely great at the time. Then there's the "Buster" versions, too.

Best ROTF (overall): Tie: Human Alliance Bumblebee and Skids. These guys manage to perfect the Alternators formula and at the same time adapt it to a very non-G1 aesthetic. The humans are a great throw-in, as is "Arcee." Bumblebee in particular gets everything right that the very expensive "Ultimate" mold doesn't.

Best Animated toy: Not many options this year, but Samurai Prowl. It shows what a remold with thought can do. It's a great toy even without the armor, managing to be worth owning in addition to the armor-less original mold. The [i]only[/i] fault is the neutered shurikens. much better sidecar than ROTF Arcee, too.

-Runner up: Electrostatic Soundwave. First - we finally get an official Soundblaster deco released in America (Titanium SB was cancelled, of course). 2nd - great new instrument/minion - Ratbat as a keytar! How many of us bought this for Ratbat alone? Oh, and it doesn't hurt that he's about 100x more interesting/exciting than his wavemate Freeway Jazz.

Best Robot Hero: Jetpower Prime (from the Battle of the Fallen set). Best-looking ROTF Optimus RH, even though he's gotten quite a few new molds. Plus, it's (so far) the only way to get RH Jetfire, even if he is dead. Runner-up: the Fallen. Big, well-detailed, and in proper colors.

Ok, size class breakdown:

Best Legends class: ROTF Mudflap. Sure, his bot mode is a bit of a cardboard stand-up, but the transformation (especially the method of differentiating the hands) is really fun/innovative. And there's just something about that Trax mode - it's so damn cute. Plus, he was really hard to avoid, showing up barely altered in 2(!) exclusive sets.

-Runner up: ROTF Jetfire (Kmart repaint) - decent SR-71 mode in a real-world alternate deco, plus really good bot mode. Additionally, first super-mode buddy for Prime at the legends scale.

Best Scout class: ROTF Ransack - first WWI-era plane mode! Does a great job at it, too - minimal kibble in either mode. Plus, it's actually based on a movie design (albeit one that turned into a Model-T). Great terminator aesthetic in bot mode.

-Runner up: ROTF Knock Out. He's ROTF Wasp, first of all. 2nd, he's in my favorite colors (see avatar, Lockdown, Cyb. Downshift, etc). Also, he takes the basic design of Energon Arcee (and really, therefore, Movie 2007 Arcee) and perfects it.

Best Deluxe class: Whoo, this is a tough choice. I suppose ROTF Breakaway, if only because he began as a toy I had no intentions of getting, but ended up being one of the most fun of ROTF. Also, he's on par with Cyb Thundercracker for having low jet mode kibble while being a much better toy. I even like him better than Thrust, who objectively looks nicer and has a much "cooler" head mold.

-Runner up: Sideways. Great, solid car mode, fun transformation, unique and insectile bot mode. Actually a much better toy than his counterpart, Sideswipe. Better than his repaint/remold Dead End because Dead End's head is kind of ridiculous.

Best Voyager class: ROTF Megatron. Very solid toy, not very complicated transformation, good Mech Alive gimmicks, and very dynamic bot mode. Would only be better by actually being silver, although the green's not that bad.

-Runner up: ROTF Mixmaster - best of the "true" ROTF Constructicon toys. Really nice alt mode in both color and detail, and his bot mode is a real treat in how alien it looks and the number of cool poses you can get from it. The big negative is his inability to properly use his cannon in bot or truck mode, while the "3rd mode" is totally lacking. Fan-made third modes are easy to discover, though.

Best Ultra class: Universe Predacon Bruticus. If only because there weren't many other Ultras this year, and who would have thought that RiD Bruticus would've gotten an homage repaint?

-Runner Up: Universe Powerglide (Red WM exclusive) - like TRU Reissue Soundwave from 2007, just another way of showing that sometimes you should just wait for Hasbro instead of jumping the gun and buying from Japan.

Best Leader class: ROTF Prime, for reasons seen above.

-Runner up: ROTF Jetfire. Plenty of problems, but it's had to beat that GIANT SR-71 mode. Looks great on display. Also, the combined mode with Prime is similarly massive and can be fiddled with enough to find a suitable arrangement of kibble.

Best exclusive repaint: Animated Shockwave (Target Purple version). I was originally kind of down on this toy to begin with, seeing it as a real no-brainer toy with no thought put into it, especially in contrast to the original colors (It's in Nemesis Prime/Scourge colors! Because Longarm is the bad Prime! Get it?!). But after finally getting it last month (thanks to a fellow Allsparker), it works really well in hand. Even the Longarm Prime mode looks great if you leave him with the purple Decepticon sigil. And, of course, this repaint allows you to make the most of both releases of the mold, displaying the original in Longarm Prime mode and the new one in Shockwave mode.

-Runner up: Masterpiece Skywarp (Walmart). Looks very nice - the classic Decepticon colors work on the mold a bit more slick than the 2007 MP Starscream colors do. However, he also costs 10 dollars more due to inflation (unless you lucked out and got him for 25 or 30 bucks somewhere), so that kind of stung when purchasing him. Essential part of any Skywarp/Seeker collection (unless, again, you jumped the gun and bought the Japanese release).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

An inkling of things to come

We now have a look at what next year's non-ROTF line will be like:

Pretty interesting stuff, if only because we know so little about it.

What we do know:

1. The line is at least somewhat G1-based. These could be the G1 characters Huffer and Caliburst, or they could be UT-style close homage versions (like how Armada Optimus looks like G1 Optimus, but isn't him)

2. The line is simply going to be called "Transformers." No subtitle. Last time they did this was with the 2006/2007 "Classics" line and the 2007 Movie line.

3. The "Power Core Combiners" gimmick to some extent features small, minicon/targetmaster-like partners attaching to larger robots in vehicle mode as a weapon.

Ok, speculation:

1. Not sure if Huffer here is a scout/basic or a deluxe. I'd like to think small deluxe, since this looks like it could possibly be a deluxe-sized package (think RiD, Armada, or Energon deluxe packaging - very horizontal), but it's certainly not beyond Hasbro these day to try and sell a basic and 1 small accessory TF for the cost of a deluxe, when we only payed 10 dollars for a real deluxe and a minicon back in 2002-2003 with Armada.

2. Caliburt appears to be a minicon - look at the feet. Those posts going out to the side really look like powerlinx ports. In fact, his overall appearance is kinda similar to Cybertron Shadow Recon Sixspeed - the clear blue race car minicon. Not that has much to do with Caliburst being a minicon, but still. THis has important fictional ramifications - I guess - basically, if Caliburst is indeed a minicon, that means either A) this is the first time Hasbro has designed a mincon toy to go witha G1-universe toy or B) that this is in fact UT Huffer (much like how Universe Hot Shot was the same guy as the Armada toy). Now, the TF Club has used Minicons in their G1 fiction/comics, but they have never been designed as toys before to be part of a G1 toy set. That has always been the role of Target-, Power-, Head-, and Micro-masters, which are just small normal TFs or other species, not Unicron's children (as the mincons are).

3. I'm guessing the line is going to be Universe/Classics 3.0, the one that Hasbro has been promising. The lack of a specific line subtitle is bothersome for collectors (we like to be able to say, for example, "ROTF Optimus" vs. "Energon Optimus"), but it also keeps the general public less confused. As much as I like having 3 or 4 lines at once (as we have had, even in the recent past), I'm sure it boggles the average parent shopping for a birthday or Christmas present.

4. Some are still thinking that Huffer here may actually form a Scramble City/Energon-style combiner limb, leg or arm. You know, what with the whole "Power Core Combiner" thing. I can see it happening, as Caliburst could (like the Energon combiners' energon weapons) form the hand/foot. However, Huffer's design looks pretty straightforward; it doesn't look like there's anything else going one that could turn him into a limb. That said, Energon Sledge/Bonecrusher did nothing more that add an energon weapon to vehicle mode to become a limb, so who knows.
It would be cool if these two did form a larger combiner.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


I did cave and open up Megatron Megabolt yesterday. He's pretty cool. Like Armada Prime, this is a mold I've owned for a while (since 2003 or so), but I now own it in its "proper" colors.

Oh, and the TM II Megatron/BIAB Magnus & Treadshot package has arrived. Both look great. The same seller is also sending me BM Blackarachnia (I use Universe Blackarachnia as Crystal Widow; they look about the same). I'm hoping to win a bunch more BM stuff from him.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's December now! Holy crap!

So, the big BW/RiD lot came in today. I was really tempted to open Megatron Megabolt; he looks better in package that I would have thought.

Also, I finally found the new TF: Animated deluxes yesterday afternoon before class. The Walmart had 2 Freeway Jazz toys and 1 Electrostatic Soundwave. Considering that FW Jazz is boring and ES Soundwave comes with a new mold keytar/Ratbat, you can guess which one I bought.

As an aside, I'm kind of sad that I don't like the new Jazz. The original version is probably one of the most "ok" Animated deluxe molds, not being very exciting. This new one, in silver, is supposed to be Animated Jazz in Movie Jazz's colors. Which is a neat kind of symmetry, considering that Movie Jazz was available both in his normal silver colors and also G1/Animated red/white/blue/black. Since I have both of those Movie Jazz versions, it would be kind of neat to have the oppostie thing going on with Animated Jazz, but this silver version just lacks something. I'm much more excited about the upcoming new deluxe molds for Animated, like Cybertronian Ratchet, Arcee, and Rodimus Prime.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure Universe Sunstorm/Perceptor arried the other day. I haven't opened the box yet to see, though.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Late to the party

So, Armada Optimus Prime arrived today. It certainly took long enough.

Already owning the Powerlinx repaint of the mold, I pretty much knew what to expect, except that this original version (granted, it's fresh out of the box) holds together a bit better, with tighter joints. Also, Sparkplug/Bumblebee has some stray silver paint that spills over from his face to the side of his helmet, so I may have to do some careful paint removing. I did switch the chestplates of the this original version with the Powerlinx repaint - the blue paint on the Powerlinx version's Matrix crystal is more attractive than the boring silver of the first release.

Some other things that arrived today (or since we'd been out of town) - Robot Heroes Blitzwing/Hound and Galvatron/Sunstreaker, and the classics Dirt Digger minicon team. I'm going to be very careful with my new Dirt Rocket - apparently the arm-breaking thing is a very common problem. I think I'll give the other two minicons (who I already have) to some of the kids from church for Christmas.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More eBay wins...

Won a bunch of Beast Wars/Machines stuff last night, all from the same seller:

BW Claw Jaw (red squid)

BW TM II Spittor (frog, I was hoping to win the organic version, but he got too expensive)

BW Air Hammer (shark/hawk - yes, I know)

BW Torca (orca/elephant)

RiD (really BM) Megatron Megabolt (version of BW Megatron that turns into a robotic head with rockets and insect legs.

We'll see what else I'll win...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

eBay updates...

Ok, so I've also managed to win Armada Thundercracker, Robot Heroes Hound/Blitzwing and Sunstreaker/Galvatron and Classics Dirt Digger Minicon team.

Of those, only Thundercracker has arrived so far (today, in fact - and he's also got 3 minicons that I already own packed on top of the box).

However, one of the guys on the Allspark sold Target Exclusive Animated Shockwave/Bumblebee to me for a decent price.

Target Animated Shockwave (the purple version) is funny because I finally caved on buying him to have the ability to display him in both bot modes at the same time. Obviously, the purple toy would be displayed as Shockwave rather than Longarm Prime, but what I didn't expect is how nice purple Longarm looks. Sure, he's unconvincing as an autobot, but still looks sharp. In fact, I'm impressed with how nice this repaint is in general. There was a little more thought than just "OOH PURPLE SHOCKWAVE" put into him; he's a quality redeco toy and should have seen mass release. Better overall than his exclusive wavemate, Sunstorm (even though I still like him quite a bit).

Armada Optimus STILL hasn't arrived, and I can't contact the seller again because ebay's broken right now (seriously - try searching for an item). So damn irritating. Never bidding again before looking at the feedback.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ebay quests and a bit more display organization...

My wife basically gave the go ahead to pick out my own Christmas presents by buying a fair amount of TF stuff on ebay (this is after Tarantulus and Armada Optimus).

I haven't won any of these new auctions yet, but a few I'm currently winning and definitely intend to win include:

One auction with both MISB Universe Battle in a Box Ultra Magnus & Treadshot and Battle in a Box Smokescreen and Ransack

MISB Beast Wars Transmetal II Megatron

MISB Beast Machines Megatron

MISB Beast Machines Ultra Jetstorm

MISB Armada Thundercracker

MISB City Commander add-on kit

MISB Classics Dirt Digger Mini-con team

MISB Beast Machines Strika

First off, the double BIAB auction is really all about the Ultra Magnus in that set. One of the first modern "white Optimus" repaints, it's the deluxe "Supercon" Optimus Prime mold from Armada (along with a slightly repainted version of Over-Run, Supercon Prime's mini-con). I already have this mold twice over - the original Optimus Prime version and the Nemesis Prime repaint. However, these two sets were only released in certain stores (like Kohl's, I'm told), but I never saw them. I don't particularly care about the other three (really six, if you count the mini-cons) toys in the set - I'll probably at least sell the Smokescreen/Ransack set (Ransack in particular is a pretty half-baked repaint) and maybe give Treadshot/Nightbeat to my youngest cousin (of ROTF theater fame) for Christmas.

Transmetal II Megatron is there mostly because A) this is the lowest I've ever seen it MISB and B) Megatron collecting. I only have a few BW Megatron toys - the new-mold BWX version, the TRU exclusive remolded BWX version, and...I think that's it. Well, green Megabolt, if he counts. No Gatortron, no Transmetal Megatron (I'll probably wait to get the more structurally sound Japanese version), no TM II Megatron. It's apparently a great figure, and this version is more affordable than the blue Cryotek release. I'm also bidding on the much smaller and inferior Beast Machines version, although I have a very low max bid for that one. The cape mode is compelling, what can I say? Oh, and I was bidding on the RiD Megatron Megabolt too, but it's too expensive for me now. Damn.

Ultra Jetstorm because the jet mode looks badass and he looks much more like TV Jetstorm that either BM deluxe versions. I have the deluxe mold twice already anyhow, as Universe Skywarp and RiD Stormjet (i.e. BM Jetfire). MISB because all loose versions have terrible chrome flaking problems, as this one eventually will.

Armada Thundercracker because I have Armada Starscream and Skywarp. This is one of thsoe that I should have picked up in the store in 2003, but didn't have the interest at the time. And for some reason, "Zapmaster" as a name was a real non-starter for me.

I will very likely not win the City Commander set. Right now the auction's price is about 1/8th of what it selld for normally. I don't expect that to last. But I'd like to get it.

Dirt Digger team because Dirt Rocket (the motorcycle) broke a few months back. His arm came off and there's no fixing it. I guess I can try to sell off the other two.

BM Strika because we're not getting an Animated version. Plus, she looks better than Nemesis Strika and the more expensive BWR Strika.

I was also bidding on the old Wal-mart exclusive RiD "Yellow" Landfill set, but I'm not willing to spend over a certain amount for it. Why do I want this third, monochromatic version of these four toys? Because yellow Wedge looks even more like Bumblebee than regular ol' orange Wedge does. See, I decided a while back that, just as how Armada Sparkplug may as well be UT Bumblebee, RiD Wedge has enough design and personality traits in common with G1 BB to be his multiversal analogue. Which leads me to our next part...

This summer, I posted pics of my collection, showing of my Prime, Megatron, and Starscream collections. Well, now I also have smaller Bumblebee, Jetfire, and Soundwave collection displays.

In the Bumblebee corner, we have ROTF Human Alliance BB (with Sam, of course), RiD Wedge (maybe to be replaced with the yellow verison someday, as noted above), Classics BB (with Wave Crusher on), Animated Activators BB, Animated Legends BB (Target exclusive version), Universe Legends G1 BB, Keychain Reissue G1 BB, Allspark Battles Legends BB, ROTF Legends BB, Corona Sparkplug, Robot Hereos G1 BB, and Robot Heroes ROTF BB (the action pose one). (Movie Concept Camaro Deluxe BB, 70s Camaro BB, and RH BBs (normal and raising the Allspark versions) are still with the main ROTF/Movie display).

For Jetfire, we have: Armada Jetfire, Classics Jetfire, RiD Storm Jet (BM Jetfire to me), Titanium Series War Within Jetfire, Animated Jetfire, Energon Skyblast (Skyfire, an alternate cartoon name for G1 Jetfire), and Robot Masters R-Blade (G2 Jetfire repaint in G1 colors). ROTF Leader Jetfire is still hanging with most of the ROTF Decepticons (he looks like the Fallen's bouncer right now...) and the two legends ROTF Letfires are in the Movie/ROTF Legends display.

Soundwave: TRU Exclusive Classics/Commemmorative Series G1 Soundwave (w/Ravage & Laserbeak both in his chest, Laserbeak is the visible one), Universe Soundwave, Cybertron Soundwave w/Laserbeak, Cybertron Legends Soundwave, Animated Soundwave w/Laserbeak, Animated Activators Soundwave, and Robot Heroes G1 Soundwave. ROTF Soundwave is, like ROTF Jetfire, hanging with The Fallen and Co.

I hope to add ROTF Battlefied Bumblebee and Infiltration Soundwave to the display soon, not to mention Animated Electrostatic Soundwave w/Ratbat (as keytar!) and ROTf Legends Soundwave.

Battlefield Bumblebee is a real Frankenstein's monster of a toy - the battle-helmet head of 2008 Stealth/Premium Bumblebee, the legs of 2007 Concept Camaro Bumblebee, and the torso adn arms of ROTF Cannon Bumblebee, only very slightly repainted. The one thing I don't like about him is that the chest/grille doesn't "deform", but it will help differentiate him from my other two Movie deluxe BBs.

Both Infiltration and Electrostatic Soundwaves are Soundblaster homages. Which is nice, becaue we've never gotten a US-release Soundblaster, much less Soundblaster homage (Cyb. Soundblaster was Japan-only, and Titanium Soundblaster w/Ravage was cancelled) before. And, you know, keytar Ratbat. ROTF Legends Soundwave is a bit beefier than normal, but he looks to have a neat transformation and decent satellite mode, so I'll be getting him.

Update: Ok, so far, I've only won TM II Megatron and Armada Thundercracker. I lost out on BM Megatron, the BIAB sets, Jetstorm, the City Commander kit, and Strika. Luckily, I found asecond auction for BIAB Magnus & Treadshot, and it (so far) costs much less than the other would have (and it's from the same seller as TM II Megatron, so he can ship them together if I win the new auction.

However, I also hedged my bets on Thundercracker - I've got another auciton going for him, but it' s low in price and my max bid isn't high either; I'll let myself lose that one.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steel Tech mine!

Steel Tech Tarantulus arrived in the mail Monday.

Damn, is he nice looking. A truly beautiful toy. So glad I never settled for the vomit-of-color original version.

And even though I got him loose and used (sounds terrible, I know), he looks brand spanking new. Absolutely no metal flaking, as so often happens to the transmetal BW toys.

Just a great toy.

Armada "Super" (Leader) class Optimus Prime is the next one on the way. He's the first release, in normal Optimus colors. I have the "Final Battle"/Powerlinx repaint, but he doesn't really fit in with the other UT Prime toys I have. Plus, he comes with the regular, even more Bumblebee-like first version of Sparkplug, so he can join my nascent Bumblebee collection.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween is here!

Ok, so it's finally the 31st. I'm pretty excited, but there's a few things dampening the mood.

First, I'm a bit sick. My throat's got all kind of crap in it. Not fun.

Second, we're like the only house in our part of the neighborhood with Halloween decorations. Which makes us wonder if the other houses are going to be supporting trick-or-treating. I really want to take my son out, just liek we have the past 2 years, but there may not be any houses to go to.

Third - I ordered a Black Lantern ring off of ebay on the 10th of this month. It still hasn't gotten here. If it doesn't arrive today, I'm to tell the guy to give my money back (luckily it was cheap in the first place). The main reason I wanted it was to wear tonight during trick or treating, but that probably won't happen.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Random pics

Titanium Series The Fallen

2007 Movie Starscream - Target Exclusive G1 Deco

Classics Starscream manning Classics Megatron in his "cannon" mode.


Ok, I won Steel Tech Tarantulus. I got him for the minimum asking price, too - 35 dollars with another 4 dollars for shipping. Yes, he's loose, but looks to be in good condition and this will one more "holy grail" transformer under the belt.

Awesome. Hopefully it gets here soon.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Census time...

My father-in-law stayed with us for the better part of a week back in August to do some work on our now-finished downstairs bathroom. While he was here, he took a look in this room - the titular basement - and wondered aloud to me how many transformers I owned. I honestly told him that I wasn't sure; I hadn't done a count since not long after we moved here.

So I decided, since I have a bit of free time before fall break ends, to do a new count or census of my transformers. I updated my old word file to be as near-accurate as I could be. Mind you, this list doesn't include some things by design - none of my old, original G1 or BW toys are counted or named (most are in poor shape and are not part of my main collection) and also it doesn't mention any of the few random "kiddie" transformers I've bought for my son over the past few years, like Softimus Prime, Gravity Bot Bumblebee and Cyber Slammers Cliffjumper.

With that said, here's the list, with the current count at the top:

Transformers Collection List Mk II

Current total: 675 as of 10/22/2009

> Transformers: Animated (2008 - ) [50]

- Autbots: [26]

  1. Optimus Prime (Legends Class, Target Exclusive)
  2. Optimus Prime (Activator Class)
  3. Optimus Prime (Deluxe class, Cybertronian mode)
  4. Optimus Prime (Battle Begins Deluxe class, Earth mode)
  5. Optimus Prime (Voyager Class, shoulder symbol variant)
  6. Sentinel Prime
  7. Ultra Magnus
  8. Blurr
  9. Jazz
  10. Ratchet (Deluxe class)
  11. Ratchet (Activator class, Target 2-pack release)
  12. Bulkhead (Activator class)
  13. Bulkhead w/Headmaster (Leader class)
  14. Prowl (Legends class, Universe release)
  15. Prowl (Deluxe class)
  16. Samurai Prowl
  17. Bumblebee (Legends class, Target Exclusive)
  18. Bumblebee (Activator class)
  19. Cliffjumper
  20. Fireblast Grimlock (Activator class)
  21. Grimlock (Voyager class)
  22. Snarl (“Slag”)
  23. Swoop
  24. Jetfire
  25. Jetstorm
  26. Wreck-Gar

-Decepticons [24]

  1. Megatron (Leader Class, Earth mode)
  2. Megatron (Voyager class, Cybertronian mode)
  3. Megatron (Battle Begins Deluxe class, Cybertronian mode)
  4. Megatron (Activator class, Earth mode)
  5. Starscream (Legends class, Universe release)
  6. Starscream (Activators class)
  7. Starscream (Voyager class)
  8. Skywarp
  9. Thundercracker (Activator class)
  10. Dirge
  11. Sunstorm (Target Exclusive)
  12. Waspinator
  13. Blitzwing
  14. Lugnut
  15. Shockwave/Longarm Prime (grey version)
  16. Bandit Lockdown (Activator class, “Cannonball”)
  17. Lockdown
  18. Blazing Lockdown
  19. Stealth Lockdown (Target Exclusive)
  20. Blackarachnia
  21. Oil Slick
  22. Soundwave (Deluxe class)
  23. Laserbeak (Soundwave accessory)
  24. Swindle

>Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009 - ) [60]

- Autobots: [31]

  1. Optimus Prime (Leader class)
  2. Optimus Prime (Legends class)
  3. Optimus Prime (Stratosphere accessory)
  4. Bumblebee (Legends class)
  5. Bumblebee w/Sam Witwicky (Human Alliance class)
  6. Springer
  7. Sideswipe (Legends class)
  8. Sideswipe (Deluxe class)
  9. Sideswipe w/Tech Sgt. Epps (Human Alliance class)
  10. Skids (Legends class)
  11. Skids (Deluxe class, Ice Cream Truck)
  12. Skids (Deluxe class, Chevy Spark)
  13. Skids w/Mikaela Banes (Human Alliance class)
  14. Mudflap (Legends class)
  15. Mudflap (Deluxe class, Ice Cream Truck)
  16. Mudflap (Deluxe class, Chevy Trax)
  17. Stratosphere
  18. Jetfire ( Legends class, Kmart Exclusive)
  19. Blazemaster (“Blademaster”)
  20. Knock-Out (“Wasp”)
  21. Arcee (Deluxe class)
  22. Arcee (Human Alliance class)
  23. Chromia (Deluxe class)
  24. Depth Charge
  25. Rollbar (“Primus”)
  26. Jolt (Deluxe class)
  27. Smokescreen
  28. Breakaway
  29. Dune Runner
  30. Enforcer Ironhide (Legends class)
  31. Blades (Legends class, Kmart Exclusive)

-Decepticons: [29]

  1. Megatron (Leader class)
  2. Megatron (Voyager class)
  3. Megatron (Legends class)
  4. The Fallen (Voyager class, Target Exclusive)
  5. The Fallen (Legends class)
  6. Starscream (Voyager class)
  7. Starscream (Legends class)
  8. Jetfire (Leader class)
  9. Jetfire (Legends class, regular release)
  10. Ramjet (Voyager class)
  11. Thundercracker (Legends class, Kmart Exclusive)
  12. Skywarp (Voyager class)
  13. Thrust
  14. Ransack
  15. Soundwave w/Ravage
  16. Ejector
  17. Detour (Scout class, also named Dead End)
  18. Dirt Boss
  19. Rampage (Deluxe class)
  20. Mixmaster (Voyager class)
  21. Demolishor (Voyager class)
  22. Long Haul (Voyager class)
  23. Spinister (Legends class, Kmart Exclusive)
  24. Scalpel
  25. Wheelie (Deluxe class)
  26. Ravage (Deluxe class)
  27. Sideways (Deluxe class)
  28. Sideways (Legends class)
  29. Tankor (Legends class)

>Transformers: Universe (2.0, 2008-2009) [37]

-Autobots/Maximals: [18]

  1. Hound (Legends class)
  2. Hound (Deluxe Class, 25th)
  3. Jazz (Legends class)
  4. Brawn (Legends class, 25th)
  5. Beachcomber (Legends class, 25th)
  6. Bumblebee (Legends class, 25th)
  7. Prowl (Deluxe class)
  8. Sunstreaker (Deluxe class)
  9. Ironhide (Deluxe class)
  10. Sideswipe (Deluxe class)
  11. Silverstreak (Deluxe class)
  12. Cheetor (Deluxe class, Beast wars organic mode, 25th)
  13. Smokescreen (Deluxe class, 25th)
  14. Hot Shot (Deluxe class, Henkei release w/weapons, 25th)
  15. Ratchet (Deluxe class, 25th)
  16. Inferno (Voyager class, 25th)
  17. Powerglide (Ultra class)
  18. Silverbolt (Ultra class)
  19. Springer (Voyager class, Target Exclusive, “UT Springer”)
  20. Roadbuster (Deluxe class, Target Exclusive, “UT Roadbuster”)
  21. Air Raid (Legends class, Target Exclusive, “UT Air Raid”)
  22. Blades (Legends class, Target Exclusive, “UT Blades”)
  23. Skydive (Legends class, Target Exclusive, “UT Skydive”)

-Decepticons/Predacons: [18]

1. Megatron (Deluxe class, Special Edition 02)

2. Megatron (Legends class, G2 body)

3. Drag Strip (Deluxe class, Special Edition 03)

4. Overkill (Deluxe class, Special Edition 04)

5. Starscream (Legends class, “UT Starscream”)

6. Tankor (Deluxe class, “G1 Octance”)

7. Acid Storm (Deluxe class)

8. Galvatron (Deluxe class, “IDW G1 Galvatron”)

9. Cyclonus (Deluxe class, 25th)

10. Nightstick (Cyclonus accessory, 25th)

11. Ravage (Hound accessory, 25th)

12. Dinobot (Deluxe class, 25th)

13. Onslaught (Ultra class)

14. Nemesis Prime (Voyager class, SDCC Exclusive)

15. Ramjet (Legends class, Target Exclusive, “UT Ramjet”)

16. Thrust (Legends class, Target Exclusive, “UT Thrust”)

17. Ratbat (Deluxe class, Target Exclusive, “UT Ratbat”)

18. Dirge (Voyager class, Target Exlcusive, “UT Dirge”)

-Minicons: [1]

  1. Jolt (Minicon class/Hot Shot accessory, 25th)

>Transformers: Crossovers (Both Marvel and Star Wars, 2005 - ): [24]

-Marvel: [9]

1. Hulk

2. Venom

3. Human Torch

4. Wolverine (yellow & blue version)

5. Thor

6. Captain America

7. Iron Man (black version, “War Machine”)

8. Iron Man (2 pack mold)

9. Spider-Man (2-pack mold)

-Star Wars: [15]

1. Darth Vader (Supreme class, Death Star)

2. Darth Vader (TIE Advanced x1)

3. Luke Skywalker (Snowspeeder)

4. AT-AT Pilot (AT-AT)

5. Emperor Palpatine (Imperial Shuttle, white version)

6. TIE Pilot (TIE Bomber)

7. Obi-Wan Kenobi (Eta-2, red version)

8. Saesee Tinn (Aethersprite)

9. ARC Pilot (ARC-170, blue version)

10. Clone Pilot (Republic Gunship)

11. Clone Pilot (V-19 Torrent)

12. Shock Trooper (V-Wing Nimbus)

13. General Grievous (Starfighter)

14. Battle Droid (AAT)

15. Magnaguard (Starfighter)

>Transformers (Movie, 2007 - 2008) [86]

-Autobots: [36]

  1. Optimus Prime (Leader class)
  2. Robovision Optimus Prime (Voyager, Target Exclusive)
  3. First Strike Optimus Prime (Voyager)
  4. Optimus Prime (Protoform)
  5. Optimus Prime (Fast Action Battler)
  6. Optimus Prime (Legends class)
  7. Nightwatch Optimus Prime (Legends class, “Ultra Magnus”)
  8. Ratchet (Voyager class)
  9. Rescue Ratchet (Legends)
  10. Ironhide (Voyager class)
  11. Ironhide (Legends)
  12. Jazz (Deluxe class)
  13. Jazz (Deluxe class, Target Exclusive G1 repaint)
  14. Final Battle Jazz (Deluxe class)
  15. Jazz (Legends. Allspark Battles repaint)
  16. Bumblebee (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive 2 pack release)
  17. Bumblebee (Deluxe class, 2009 Camaro mold)
  18. Bumblebee (Fast Action Battler)
  19. Bumblebee (Legends class)
  20. Bumblebee (Legends class, Allspark Battles repaint)
  21. Arcee (Deluxe class)
  22. Arcee (Scout class, Target exclusive, “UT Arcee”)
  23. Clocker (Scout class, Target exclusive, “UT Clocker”)
  24. Skyblast (Scout class, Target exclusive, “UT Skyblast/Skyfire”)
  25. Strongarm (Scout class, Target exclusive, “UT Strongarm”)
  26. Air Raid (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “UT Air Raid”)
  27. Elita-One (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “UT Elita-One”)
  28. Warpath (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “BC Warpath”)
  29. Crosshairs (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “UT Crosshairs”)
  30. Longarm
  31. Cliffjumper (Legends)
  32. Landmine
  33. Evac
  34. Breakaway (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “UT Getaway”)
  35. Big Daddy (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “UT Big Daddy”)
  36. Grindcore (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “UT Scavenger”)

-Decepticons: [40]

  1. Premium Series Megatron (Leader class)
  2. Megatron (Voyager class)
  3. Premium Series Megatron (Voyager class, Best Buy Exclusive)
  4. Megatron (Legends class)
  5. Deep Space Starscream (Voyager class, Target Exclusive)
  6. Starscream (Voyager class, Target Exclusive G1 repaint)
  7. Starscream (Deluxe class, Protoform)
  8. Stealth Starscream (Legends class, “Skywarp”)
  9. Thundercracker (Voyager class)
  10. Blackout w/ Scorponok (Voyager class, TRU Exclusive 2 pack)
  11. Blackout (Legends)
  12. Desert Blackout (Legends, “Blitzwing”)
  13. Barricade
  14. Recon Barricade
  15. Barricade (Legends class)
  16. Recon Barricade (Legends)
  17. Frenzy (Fast Action Battler)
  18. Frenzy (Barricade accessory)
  19. Frenzy (Recon Barricade accessory)
  20. Deep Desert Brawl (Leader class)
  21. Brawl (Deluxe class)
  22. Brawl (Fast Action Battler)
  23. Brawl (Legends class)
  24. Swindle
  25. Wreckage
  26. Bonecrusher (Deluxe class)
  27. Bonecrusher (Legends class)
  28. Scorponok (Deluxe class, TRU Exclusive 2 pack)
  29. Scorponok (Legends class)
  30. Dreadwing
  31. Payload
  32. Dropkick
  33. Overcast
  34. Stockade
  35. Armorhide (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “BC Armorhide”)
  36. Hardtop (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “BC Hardtop”)
  37. Storm Surge (Scout class, Target Exclusive, “BC Storm Surge”)
  38. Fracture (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “G1 Fracture”)
  39. Divebomb (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “UT Divebomb”)
  40. Jolt (Deluxe class, Wal*Mart Exclusive, “UT Smokescreen clone”)

-Real Gear Autobots: [5]

  1. Spy Shot 6
  2. Speed Dial 800
  3. Longview
  4. Nightbeat 7
  5. High Score 100

-Real Gear Decepticons: [5]

  1. Zoom Out 25X
  2. Booster X10
  3. Power Up VT6
  4. Wire Tap V20
  5. Meantime

> Robot Heroes (2007 - ) [74]

- Autobots/Maximals: [40]

  1. Optimus Prime (G1, w/Matrix of Leadership)
  2. Optimus Prime (Supermetal G1 w/Rifle, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  3. Optimus Prime (Battle Damaged Movie, Best Buy Exclusive)
  4. Optimus Prime (Movie, sword mold)
  5. Optimus Prime (Allspark Power Movie, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  6. Jetpower Optimus Prime (ROTF)
  7. Mirage (G1)
  8. Mirage (Hologram, Wal-mart Exclusive)
  9. Ultra Magnus (G1)
  10. Grimlock (G1)
  11. Cliffjumper (G1, Wal*Mart exclusive)
  12. Cliffjumper (Movie, Best Buy Exclusive)
  13. Hot Rod (G1)
  14. Bumblebee (G1)
  15. Bumblebee (Movie)
  16. Allspark Bumblebee
  17. Jazz (G1)
  18. Jazz (Movie)
  19. Protoform Jazz (Movie, “Movie Protoform Optimus Prime”)
  20. Jazz (Battle Damaged Movie, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  21. Ratchet (Movie)
  22. Ratchet (Allspark Power Movie, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  23. Ironhide (G1)
  24. Ironhide (Movie)
  25. Ironhide (Movie, firing mold)
  26. Ironhide (ROTF, truck mode)
  27. Chromia (ROTF)
  28. Cheetor (BW)
  29. Cheetor (BM)
  30. Arcee (G1)
  31. Rhinox (BW)
  32. Optimus Primal (BW)
  33. Blaster (G1)
  34. Perceptor (G1)
  35. Snarl (G1, “Slag”)
  36. Skids (ROTF)
  37. Mudflap (ROTF)
  38. Jolt (ROTF)
  39. Sideswipe (ROTF)
  40. Springer (ROTF)

-Decepticons/Predacons/Other: [34]

  1. Megatron (G1)
  2. Megatron (Supermetal G1, Wal*Mart exclusive)
  3. Megatron (Movie)
  4. Megatron (Supermetal Movie, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  5. Megatron (ROTF)
  6. Megatron (ROTF, tank legs mold)
  7. Megatron (ROTF, tank mode)
  8. Starscream (G1)
  9. Starscream (Movie, flying mold)
  10. Starscream (ROTF)
  11. Skywarp (G1, Wal*Mart exclusive)
  12. Thundercracker
  13. Unicron (G1)
  14. Shockwave (G1)
  15. Shrapnel (G1)
  16. Soundwave (G1)
  17. Barricade (Movie)
  18. Frenzy (Movie)
  19. Blackout (Battle Damaged Movie, Wal*Mart Exclusive)
  20. Brawl (Movie)
  21. Bonecrusher (Movie)
  22. Dispensor (Movie)
  23. Blackarachnia (BW)
  24. Rumble (G1)
  25. Waspinator (BW)
  26. Tarantulus (BW)
  27. Kickback (G1)
  28. Tankor (BM)
  29. Bombshell (G1)
  30. Sharkticon (G1)
  31. Rampage (ROTF)
  32. Sideways (ROTF)
  33. Ravage (ROTF)
  34. The Fallen (ROTF)

>Transformers (Classics) (2006-2009) [39]

-Autobots: [17]

  1. Optimus Prime (Voyager class)
  2. Optimus Prime (Deluxe class)
  3. Jetfire
  4. Ultra Magnus
  5. Bumblebee
  6. Mirage
  7. Rodimus (Hot Rod)
  8. Grimlock
  9. Knockdown (UT *)
  10. Swoop*
  11. Terrorsaur*
  12. Nightscream*
  13. Steel Wind*
  14. Thunderwing*
  15. Divebomb*
  16. Firebot*
  17. Strongarm*

-Decepticons [22]

  1. Megatron (Voyager class)
  2. Megatron (Deluxe class)
  3. Astrotrain
  4. Starscream (Masterpiece, Wal*Mart exclusive)
  5. Starscream (Deluxe class)
  6. Skywarp
  7. Ramjet
  8. Trypticon (Legends class, UT Trypticon)
  9. Scavenger (UT Steamhammer)
  10. Long Haul (UT Wide Load)
  11. Scrapper (UT Sledge)
  12. Hightower (UT Hook)
  13. Bonecrusher (UT Bonecrusher)
  14. Dreadwing (UT *)
  15. Overbite*
  16. Snarl*
  17. Oil Slick*
  18. Grindor*
  19. Dirt Rocket*
  20. Broadside*
  21. Sledge*
  22. Wideload*

> Titanium Series (6”, 2006-2009) [19]

-Autobots/Maximals: [10]

  1. War Within (WWi) Optimus Prime
  2. WWi Jetfire
  3. Optimal Optimus
  4. Rodimus Prime
  5. Optimus Prime (Robots in Disguise, Super Mode)
  6. Cheetor (Beast Machines)
  7. WWi Ultra Magnus
  8. Ultra Magnus (Generation 1, armored mode)
  9. WWi Grimlock
  10. WWi Prowl

-Decepticons/Other [9]

  1. Megatron (Generation 1/Cobra)
  2. WWi Thundercracker
  3. Scourge (Generation 1)
  4. WWi Starscream
  5. The Fallen
  6. WWi Sunstorm
  7. WWi Megatron
  8. Menasor (Generation 1, SDCC 2007 Exclusive)
  9. WWi Thrust (Target Exclusive)

>Titanium Series (3”): [5]

  1. Rodimus (Targetmaster Hot Rod)
  2. Galvatron (Generation 1)
  3. Predaking
  4. Optimus Prime (Generation 1)
  5. Thundercracker (Generation 1)

>Beast Wars 10th Anniversary (BWX): [11]


  1. Optimus Primal (Ultra class, TRU Exclusive remold)
  2. Optimus Primal w/ Axalon (Deluxe class new mold)
  3. Rhinox (organic)
  4. Rattrap (Transmetal)
  5. Cheetor (organic)
  6. Dinobot


  1. Megatron (Ultra class, TRU Exclusive remold)
  2. Megatron w/ Darksyde (Deluxe class new mold)
  3. Tarantulas
  4. Waspinator


  1. Transmutate

Cybertron (Part 3 of Unicron Trilogy, UT): [85]

-Autobots: [32]

  1. Primus w/Unicron’s head (Cybertron, duh)
  2. Optimus Prime (Leader class, Earth)
  3. Optimus Prime (Legends class)
  4. Metroplex (Gigantia)
  5. Jetfire (Earth)
  6. Wing Saber (Cybertron)
  7. Cybertron Defense Red Alert (Cybertron)
  8. Quickmix (Gigantia)
  9. Evac (Earth)
  10. Leobreaker (Jungle Planet)
  11. Vector Prime (Japanese release, Cybertron)
  12. Vector Prime (Legends class)
  13. Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (Cybertron)
  14. Hot Shot (Velocitron)
  15. Hot Shot (Legends class)
  16. Hot Shot (Legends class, “Excellion”)
  17. Cybertron Defense Hot Shot (Cybertron)
  18. Override (Velocitron)
  19. Crosswise (Earth, “Smokescreen”)
  20. Snarl (Jungle Planet)
  21. Landmine (Earth)
  22. Sideways (Planet X)
  23. Downshift (Earth)
  24. Red Alert (Earth)
  25. Excellion (Velocitron, “Rodimus”)
  26. Swerve (Velocitron)
  27. Clocker (Velocitron)
  28. Armorhide (Earth)
  29. Backstop (Jungle Planet)
  30. Brakedown (Velocitron)
  31. Scattorshot (Earth)
  32. Skyfall (Velocitron, 2005 Collector’s Club Exclusive)

-Decepticons: [32]

  1. Galvatron (Gigantia)
  2. Galvatron (Legends class)
  3. Megatron (Legends class)
  4. Menasor (Gigantia)
  5. Dark Scorponok (Jungle Planet)
  6. Scourge (Jungle Planet)
  7. Mudflap (Earth)
  8. Crumplezone (Velocitron)
  9. Dark Crumplezone (Velocitron)
  10. Starscream (Japanese release, Cybertron)
  11. Starscream (Legends class)
  12. Soundwave (Planet X)
  13. Laserbeak (Planet X)
  14. Soundwave (Legends class)
  15. Thunderblast (Earth, “Chromia”)
  16. Brimstone (Jungle Planet)
  17. Thundercracker (Earth)
  18. Thundercracker (Legends class)
  19. Skywarp (Earth)
  20. Dirt Boss (Velocitron)

XX.Sideways (Planet X) (counted once in Autobot list)

  1. Unicron (Planet X)
  2. Hardtop (Earth)
  3. Ransack (Velocitron)
  4. Ransack GTS (Velocitron)
  5. Undermine (Jungle Planet)
  6. Wreckloose (Jungle Planet)
  7. Lugnutz (Earth)
  8. Scrapmetal (Cybertron, red)
  9. Scrapmetal (Cybertron, yellow)
  10. Shortround (Earth)
  11. Cannonball (Earth)
  12. Brushguard (Earth)

-Minicons: [21]

  1. Safegaurd
  2. Jolt
  3. Sixspeed
  4. Reverb
  5. Jolt (Shadow, “Volt”)
  6. Sixspeed (Shadow, “Mirage”)
  7. Reverb (Shadow, “Feedback”)
  8. Overcast
  9. Longarm
  10. Deepdive
  11. Heavy Load
  12. Drillbit
  13. Stripmine
  14. Shockwave
  15. Razorclaw
  16. Kobushi
  17. Tankor
  18. Steamhammer
  19. Monocle
  20. Landslide
  21. Scattorbrain

>Alternators: [21]


  1. Optimus Prime
  2. Mirage
  3. Prowl
  4. Hound
  5. Meister (Jazz)
  6. Sideswipe
  7. Skids
  8. Smokescreen
  9. Silverstreak (Bluestreak)
  10. Grimlock
  11. Tracks
  12. Windcharger (Overdrive)
  13. Wheeljack
  14. Sunstreaker
  15. Rodimus (Hot Rod, SDCC 2007 exclusive)


  1. Battle Ravage
  2. Ravage
  3. Rumble
  4. Shockblast (Shockwave)
  5. Dead End
  6. Swindle

>Masterpiece (Japanese) [2]

  1. MP-01 Convoy (Optimus Prime)
  2. MP-05 Megatron

>Robot Masters (Japanese) [2]

  1. R-Blade (G1 Jetfire)
  2. Rijie (G1 Mirage)

>Energon (Part 2 of UT): [57]

-Autobots: [24]

  1. Optimus Prime (Leader class)
  2. Optimus Prime (Deluxe class)
  3. Omega Supreme
  4. Landmine
  5. Bulkhead
  6. Ironhide
  7. Jetfire
  8. Cliffjumper
  9. Wing Saber
  10. Hot Shot
  11. Downshift
  12. Towline
  13. Inferno
  14. Prowl
  15. Rodimus
  16. Storm Jet (Jetstorm)
  17. Strongarm
  18. Skyblast (Skyfire)
  19. Arcee
  20. Signal Flare
  21. Sky Shadow (Treadshot)
  22. Treadshot (Sky Shadow)
  23. Terradive
  24. Windrazor

-Decepticons: [26]

  1. Megatron (“Galvatron”, Leader class)
  2. Megatron (“Galvatron”, Ultra class)
  3. Scorponok
  4. Mirage
  5. Shockblast (“Shockwave”)
  6. Slugslinger
  7. Sharkticon
  8. Snowcat (“Snowstorm”)
  9. Demolishor
  10. Demolishor (KB excl. Armada repaint)
  11. Starscream
  12. Energon Starscream
  13. Barricade
  14. Steamhammer
  15. Battle Ravage
  16. Divebomb
  17. Cruellock
  18. Insecticon
  19. Blight
  20. Kickback
  21. Blackout
  22. Stormcloud
  23. Wideload
  24. Sledge
  25. Bonecrusher
  26. Duststorm (“Hook”)

-Minicons: [7]

  1. Scattor (“Jetstorm”)
  2. Skyboom (“Sonar”)
  3. Wreckage (“Runway”)
  4. High Wire
  5. Grindor
  6. Sureshock
  7. Blackout (KB excl. Armada repaint)

>Universe: [39]

-Autobots/Children of Primus: [19]

  1. Snarl
  2. Striker
  3. Triceradon
  4. Air Raid
  5. Whirl
  6. Gunbarrel
  7. Makeshift
  8. Depth Charge
  9. King Atlas
  10. Air Raid (Micromaster Superion)
  11. Fireflight (MicromasterSuperion)
  12. Ro-Tor (Micromaster Superion)
  13. Skydive (Micromaster Superion)
  14. Silverbolt (Micromaster Superion)
  15. Storm Jet (Micromaster Superion)
  16. Ultra Magnus (RiD)
  17. Repugnus
  18. Optimus Prime (Generation 2-style Spychanger class)
  19. Skydive (“BM Swoop”)

-Decepticons/Minions of Unicron: [20]

  1. Razorclaw
  2. Skywarp
  3. Nemesis Prime
  4. Bonecrusher [Micromaster (MM)]
  5. Buckethead (MM)
  6. Hightower (MM)
  7. Quickmix (MM)
  8. Long Haul (MM)
  9. Scavenger (MM)
  10. Frostbite
  11. Blastcharge
  12. Overbite (“Hellscream”)
  13. Wind Sheer
  14. Snowcat
  15. Scavenger (“RiD Scorponok”)
  16. Bonecrusher
  17. Hightower
  18. Heavy Load
  19. Megazarak (Botcon 2004 exclusive)
  20. Blackarachnia

>Armada (Part 1 of UT): [73]


  1. Powerlinx (Plx) Optimus Prime
  2. Optimus Prime (Supercon)
  3. Jetfire
  4. Overload
  5. Plx Red Alert
  6. Smokescreen (“Hoist”)
  7. Hoist
  8. Sideswipe
  9. Blurr
  10. Airrazor


1. Unicron

2. Megatron

3. Tidal Wave

4. Skywarp

5. Starscream

6. Wheeljack

7. Thrust

8. Plx Cyclonus

9. Nemesis Prime

10. Plx Demolishor


1. Corona Sparkplug

2. Overrun

3. Commetor

4. Rollout

5. Longarm

6. Liftor

7. Refute

8. Nightbeat

9. Incinerator

10. Nightscream

11. Leader-1

12. Ramjet

13. Thunderclash

14. Swindle

15. Wind Sheer

16. Inferno

17. Plx Crumplezone

18. Run-Over

19. Plx Blackout

20. Jetstorm

21. Runway

22. Sonar

23. Gunbarrel

24. Terradive

25. Thunderwing

26. Firebot

27. Makeshift

28. Prowl

29. Broadside

30. Fetch

31. Scattor

32. Dirt Boss

33. Downshift

34. Mirage

35. Buzzsaw

36. Drill Bit

37. Dualor

38. Oceanglide

39. Stormcloud

40. Waterlog

41. Oceanglide (blue)

42. Stormcloud (blue)

43. Waterlog (blue)

44. Backtrack

45. Oval

46. Spiral

47. Dead End

48. Grindor

49. High Wire

50. Sureshock

51. Astroscope

52. Payload

53. Skyblast

>Robots in Disguise: [25]


1. Optimus Prime

2. Optimus Prime (Spychanger)

3. Ultra Magnus

4. Ultra Magnus (Spychanger)

5. Prowl (blue)

6. Side Burn (red)

7. X-Brawn (white)

8. X-Brawn (Spychanger)

9. Railspike

10. Midnight Express

11. Rapid Run

12. Wedge

13. Grimlock

14. Hightower

15. Heavy Load

16. Sideswipe

17. REV

18. Hot Shot

19. Storm Jet


1. Megatron


1. Scourge

2. Scourge (Spychanger)

3. Megabolt (“BM Megatron”)

4. Dreadwind

5. Smokejumper

>Commemorative Series: [16]


1. Optimus Prime

2. Powermaster Optimus Prime

3. Apex Bomber

4. Hi-Q

5. Ultra Magnus

6. Prowl

7. Rodimus Prime

8. Tracks

9. Inferno

10. Skids

11. Bumblebee (keychain remold)

12. Cliffjumper (keychain remold)


1. Starscream

2. Soundwave

3. Ravage

4. Laserbeak

>Beast Machines: [5]

-Maximals: [2]

  1. Skydive
  2. Hammerstrike (“BM Cybershark”)

-Vehicons: [3]

1. Thrust

2. Tankorr

3. Tank Drone

>Beast Wars Returns (Japanese TRU exclusive BM repaints): [2]

-Vehicons: [2]

  1. Obsidian
  2. Tankor

>Japanese Generation 1 Reissues: [13]


1. Atlan

2. Windy

3. San Diego

4. Raise

5. Desire

6. Convertor


1. Sixshot

2. Chain Gun

3. Falcon

4. Flanker

5. Missile Run

6. Raker

7. Supersonic

>Beast Wars Neo: [4]


1. Big Convoy (“BW Optimus Prime/Magnus Prime”)

2. Stampy

3. Longrack

4. Cohrada

>Machine Wars (KB exclusive line): [1]


  1. Megaplex (Megatron)

>Beast Wars: [15]

-Maximals: [6]

1. Ironhide

2. Silverbolt (eagle)

3. Prowl (lion)

4. Cybershark

5. Cybershark (Transmetal II)

6. B’Boom

-Predacons: [9]

1. Waspinator (Transmetal)

2. Inferno

3. Transquito

4. Sea Clamp

5. Injector

6. Scavenger (“BW Transmetal Inferno”)

7. Scarem

8. Scourge

9. Shadow Panther (Japanese Cheetor repaint, “BW Ravage”)

>Generation 2: [1]


1. Skyjack

So, that's it. Pretty big, but actually not as big as I thought - I expected to be nearing 1,000, but I'm only a bit over 200 more than I was in early 2008. And this is counting all transforming toys as separate releases, not to mention doing the same for the Robot Heroes. So these numbers are not indicitave of purchases, which would be somewhat lower.