Monday, December 28, 2009

The Christmas Haul

Well, it's safe to say that I did pretty well in terms of TF presents this year.

That's mostly due to my wife letting me buy all those older transformers off of ebay, but I also managed to net 3 Toys R Us exclusives from my Mom - ROTF Whirl/Bludgeon, Reissue Perceptor, and the reissue Insecticons. Moreover, I also received a fairly big amount of funds - both in cash and Walmart gift cards - that will be going toward some of the new ROTF: NEST Global Alliance toys. My grandmother gave me a 100 dollar bill, which is going to be the starting point of some savings I'm going to use for this summer's Botcon. It's in Orlando, which is where my older cousin lives (no hotel fees!), and the wife gave the green light to go!

Anyway, back to the haul:


Beat Wars Transmetal II Megatron: just amazing. As great as everyone say he is. And he HUGE, too. Incredible that something like this only used to cost 20 dollars at retail.

Beast Wars Fuzor Torca: Well, I broke his tail off right after I opened him, but I managed to fix it with superglue. He's pretty cool, but after seeing how big he should be in the comics, he's a bit underwhelming. Also, his kibble really restricts his movement.

Beast Wars Fuzor Airhammer: really cool concept, but bad plastic colors and overall, just not that interesting. Most boring of the Christmas TFs. Still, it's a shark with wings.

Beast Wars Transmetal II Spittor - I wanted the original all-organic version, but this turned out to be a pretty cool toy. Even the ridiculous back-claw is kind of cool. Does a good "Spider-Man on a building roof" pose.

Beast Wars Claw Jaw - A squid! Not as nice-looking as the blue Japanese Ikard repaint, but still a surprisingly fun mold, particularly the chest/squid mouth biting gimmick. I will say, however, that his "weapon" is one of the most abstract TF weapons out there.

Beast Machines Buzzsaw - don't have the BW version of him, but this is also a toy that turned out to be way cool. It's really one of the best wasp/bee Transformer molds ever. The wings = legs bit is particularly unique and inspired.

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