Mini-reviews: Titaniums, Robot Heroes, Kre-O, Bot Shots and Construct-Bots

This page reviews toys that were released as part of the Titanium Series (2006 - 2009), Robot Heroes (2007 - 2010),  Kre-O: Transformers (2011 - onward), Transformers Bot Shots (2012 - ongoing) and Construct-Bots (2013 - onward).

-Optimus Prime (G1, w/Matrix)
Faction: Autobot
Toyline: Robot Heroes (G1 1st series)
Class: 2-pack
Release: Summer 2007
Accessories: Includes Robot Heroes Unicron.
-As of now (2010), there have been a lot of Optimus Prime Robot Heroes molds released. Most have been the Optimus from the movies, but even G1 Optimus got two different toys. This version is easily the better one, as it portrays Optimus opening the Matrix of Leadership. The Matrix itself looks great - the "light" pouring out is in the form of translucent plastic rays and looks really good. Optimus' articulation obviously isn't that great - since both arms are attached to the Matrix, they have to move in concert using the shoulder joints, and his head also moves at the neck. However, you don't buy Robot Heroes for articulation. This verison of Optimus is a great addition to my Prime collection, and appropriately is packed with Robot Heroes Unicron, who is also worth owning.

-Demolishor (RotF, "Scavenger")
Faction: Decepticon
Toyline: Robot Heroes (RotF)
Class:$20 multi-pack
Release: Summer 2010 (and possibly before, at least on HTS)
Accessories: Includes Robot Heroes Skids/Mudflap (combined ice cream truck), Optimus Prime (stomping pose), Sideswipe (car mode), and Sideways (car mode).
Acquired: Toys R Us
- Hasbro decided to produce 4 Robot Heroes multi-packs for RotF, with three of them containing figures larger than the standard Robot Hero. Demolishor is one of these, although he's not quite as big as the other two giants - Devastator and The Fallen. However, he's still pretty awesome. Awesome enough for me to purchase his entire set just to get him, anyway. Part of this was a completionist streak not to miss any of the RH RotF Constructicons, but Demolishor just looks good. His unicyclical design necessitating a dirt/dust base, he's posed in pursuit, with his big, clawed arms reaching out (his shoulders, by the way, are his only points of articulation). While he's clearly, based on the other included figures, supposed to be Demolishor from the beginning of Revenge of the Fallen, he doesn't have that Constructicon's white & red colors and instead is colored like Scavenger, the robot with the same design that A) doesn't die at the beginning of the movie and B) forms part of Devastator (his upper torso). Amusingly, both of the other toys released in the US as Demolishor have turned out to be the same way; only an exclusive repaint of the Voyager mold has the character's proper colors. So, whether you use him as Demolishor or Scavenger, this is a figure worth getting, even if you don't want all the extra figures (let's face it, did you really need another RotF Optimus and 3 car mode RHs?). However, he's not very easy to find, as I only found it months after its intended release, and then, only at a non-local TRU. used to have them in stock (for quite a while, actually), but I doubt at this point, after the main thrust for RotF, that they'll get in any more.

Faction: Decepticon
Toyline: Bot Shots
Class: 3-pack
Release: Early Spring 2012
Acquired: Walmart
Accessories: Included with Acid Storm and Nemesis Prime
Strongest mode: Tank.
- Ok, so Megatron here is my first Bot Shot review! Obviously, I've not used this page that much, but I've gotten a handful of Bot Shots now and will be adding some reviews for them. A brief intro, for those unfamiliar: Bot Shots are a new type of transformer toy from Hasbro that attempt to to a few things at once. First of all, they are kind of like a new instantiation of Robot Heroes, in that they are small, "cute" versions of transformers characters. Secondly, they are also the latest in a long line of gimmicky, auto-transforming toys that Hasbro's steadily produced since the 2007 movie, such as Bash Bots and Cyber Slammers. Thirdly, and this is where Bot Shots bring something new to the table, is that they're also game pieces. Each Bot Shot has a spinning prism in its chest that can be made to show one of three symbols (fist, sword, or gun) in an imitation of rock/paper/scissors. The players preset their Bot Shot's symbol, transform it to vehicle mode, and then crash the toys against each other to trigger the autotransformation and thus revealing each robot's symbol, at which point a winner is determined. The toys, unlike Robot Heroes, don't really represent any one version of their character, as they all seem to be a blend of G1 and Movie traits, sort of like some of the Kre-O sets (the tfwiki claims that they are Prime continuity toys, but I'm not seeing it). Anyway, on to Megatron himself. Firstly, this is the 3-pack version of Megatron, meaning that he's a very dark metallic purple as opposed to the brown version that comes with the launcher trailer. Same mold though, and the alt mode is clearly meant to be Movie Megatron's RotF tank mode. In fact, it's this mode that really shines, as it's got some great detail for such a tiny toy. Paint apps are minimal but effective; they're all silver. In robot mode, Megatron continues to have a mostly movie-looking body, but the head is an all-new design that is clearly based on G1 Megatron but seems to be a bit more stylized like TFP Megatron (though he at least has a nose guard, if not necessarily a nose!). It's a great head sculpt; he looks very serious and condescending, which is great on such a comically-proportioned toy. My only qualm with it is that there was an obvious effort to make the helmet look a bit like the Decepticon symbol, but they also made it look a bit like the autobot one, too. Overall, Megatron is a fun little toy. I really like the way this one looks, but there are at least two other versions, brown and black, that come with the launcher trailer if you're into that. Also, if you're actually into playing the game, each version has its own stats for the three attacks (this versions are: Gun - 820, Fist - 170, Sword - 625), so you'll want to keep that in mind.

-Optimus Prime
Faction: Autobot
Toyline: Bot Shots
Class: Launcher
Release: Early Spring 2012
Acquired: Kmart
Accessories: Trailer/launcher base
Strongest mode: Unofficially? Flying truck.
- Ok, here's my first review for a Bot Shot launcher set, and it's Optimus Prime. Optimus has two Bot Shots on the shelves right now - this version and a single-packed on that is a slight repaint. I actually bought them both yesterday - the single packed one as a reward for my son for a good job at school this week, and the launcher version for myself for the collection. Not only does this version include the great launcher trailer, but the deco is also a bit better, as the single release version has a metallic deco, but the paint is also very desaturated compared to the bold colors of this version. Optimus himself is interesting - For years, Hasbro has marketed Optimus without his trailer, but the bot shot itself has a trailer molded on as an integral part of the vehicle mode, making the launcher seem redundant at first. In truck mode, Optimus actually reminds me most of Armada Optimus Prime, since it's a longnose, but also wide. It's got a nice Autobot symbol molded onto the top of the grille, movie-style. The cab itself is red, with blue used on the wheel covers. In robot mode, Optimus has a pretty G1-looking head (looks like a blend of Classics and MP/G1 animation), and, like most Bot Shots, has a movie-styled body with fragment armor panels and such. He has some blue on chest windows, which helps visually define him as Optimus, and he also has blue boots. I've been keeping his prism on the sword logo to have the red blend with the rest of his torso, occasionally using the gun symbol for "matrix" mode. As a function of the small size and transformation scheme, the wheels that are usually on his legs end up on his arms, which is different, but still doesn't look too bad. The trailer what I really bought this for, though. It's great - mostly looking like the G1 trailer, but with a spoiler and aerodynamic fairing at the front. it transforms by pressing either the back bumper or the topside gun emplacement and the sides then spring open. It can do this whether Optimus is attached at the front or not.

Faction: Decepticon
Toyline: Construct-Bots
Class: Scout
Release: August 2013
Acquired: Kmart
Accessories: Uh...lots of parts...I guess the two Gatling guns?
Strongest mode: Robot
- I have to say that I was pretty nonplussed with the Construct-Bots when they were revealed at Toyfair this February. I've never really been a bionicle/hero factory fan, so I wasn't thrilled to see so much product dollars/retails space going to something in that vein. Still, I'd become more and more interested in the things, and Starscream was always the one that I'd consider buying, even back at Toyfair. After all, it's Starscream, and he was part of the cheapest, $10 "Scout" assortment. So I finally bought one the other day (also knowing full well that his helmet would be only partially painted black, a line-wide QC screw-up). I have to say that I'm impressed. Not only is this thing fun on its own terms - a buildable, customizable TF - but it also stands on its own two feet just through the lens of thinking of it as "just" a transformer, like a Beast Hunters or Generations toy. Seriously - I know these things are designed to have very simple transformations, but it works pretty well. I keep transforming Starscream back and forth. I'm also a sucker for Transformers that can have parts added/removed (think removable armor and whatnot), so I keep stripping him down to his skeleton and rebuilding him again. Another thing I love is that his Decepticon shield is its own, removable piece - it's pretty cool, especially given how the IDW comics have treated the factions logos as such in recent years. It also, along with the cybertronian alt mode, really gives the impression that this is Starscream shortly after joining the Decepticon cause. Speaking of alt modes, Starscream's jet mode is better than expected, too. It has some conceptual links to the FoC toy, with the FSW arrangement and Gatling guns, but overall it looks pretty unlike most previous Starscream jet modes. That's a good thing - it helps it stand out and the overall look is pretty good. As an aside, one thing I would like to see from this line before it ends is a G1-style Cyclonus using most of Starscream's parts, especially the wings, but with the nosecone that is being used for Dead End, Thundercracker and the triple-changer Bumblebee. Lastly, one of the biggest plusses with this set is the value -I know it's not particularly dense, but the ability to get such a large TF for lower than the cost of a typical deluxe these days is just great. Any how, despite needing a fully-painted head, Starscream is a great addition to a transformers collection and really encourages me to get more of these things!