Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prime Time: Part Deux

Ok, so in the past couple of weeks the TF fandom rather quickly learned that the Transformers Prime: First Edition toys would not be carried at general retail stores like Walmart and Target. BBTS started this all off by insinuating that only they (and some unnamed specialty stores) would carry the toys, so you should preorder the stuff from them, shipping and markup and all. Thankfully, some people read between the lines, realizing that Toys R Us might be one of those "specialty" retailers.

Sure enough, within a week or so, we saw TFP Bumblebee get listed as in-stock on the TRU website. Then, within a couple of days, not only do Starscream and Arcee show up online, but all three also being to appear in stores! I thought this was great, as I had been worried about my chances of getting the toys online. I got excited when some of my online GA TF allies began to report seeing the toys in stores not too far away, but since I mostly wanted just Starscream from this wave, I was content to wait it out and leave Starscream on the Christmas list I had sent my mom.

But then, I further learned that, basically, the shipments that had just started to show up this week were basically going to be the only shipments of this wave, meaning that there was going to be some ungodly low number of TFP toys available - like only 1500 or so Arcees on the Atlantic coast at all! So, since I was headed to my old college town to have lunch with my friend, I determined to head to the TRU there as well and just go ahead and get all three of the toys if they had them.

I was in luck. They only had four TFP toys - 2 Bumblebees and one each of Arcee and Starscream.