Monday, March 18, 2013


Ok, thanks to Walmart price-matching Target sales, I went ahead and picked up both Ripclaw and Beast Hunters Starscream yesterday. I put SS aside for Easter and opened Ripclaw this morning. I mostly got her because (as stated) she looked fun and also has been getting pretty great reviews.

I have to admit that she's a pretty solid dragon-former. I still like Lazerback, but Ripclaw has the more classics Euro-dragon look that Predaking (mostly) has, but without a lot of that mold's drawbacks. I'm not as big a fan of the tail mechanism as many others seem to be, but it's a lot better than how Preadking's works. The weapon is pretty great, though. Also, the "energon camouflage" plastic swirls work REALLY well on this mold. I'll eventually get around to writing her a review.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Beware the day after the Ides of March

Just sort of updating today. I'm actually quite behind on updating the collection roster, having acquired a fair number of new-release TFs since whatever the last addition on there was. Most recently, I bought Kre-O Microchanger Warpath, which I opened yesterday afternoon.

Anyways, the local Walmart, I noticed today, has gotten in about 2 cases of the second deluxe wave of Beast Hunters toys, which were hard to resist. Starscream is the main one, being that he's my favorite character, but I also want Smokescreen for character/fiction reasons despite the faux parts problem the mold has. However, the other two toys - Bulkhead and Ripclaw - are tempting too. They just look fun, Ripclaw especially. I'd kind of been holding off on wanting to get her, hoping that we'd get a repaint (maybe even with a new dragon head) as Ser-Ket from the Rage of the Dinobots comic, if only because I like her color scheme better. However, that may not happen, so I may cave on Ripclaw. Bulkhead looks like a good toy to fiddle with, and while I think he's a bit small for Bulkhead, he'd make a pretty good TFP Brawn that could still be in scale.

However, one toy I've really been having fun with lately has been Beast Hunters Legion Airachnid. Great copter mode, decent weapon, and good bot mode that bests the unfortunate deluxe mold that I skipped. One of the better legion/legends toys, well, maybe ever.

Also having fun with Lazerbeak, which I got a few weeks ago. I like how similar his robot and dragon modes are, and due to this (and to play up his sower-of-chaos thing) I imagine him rarely ever being distinctly in one mode or the other; I usually have him transformed sort of half-way, often with his bot head out, but legs & tail in dragon mode, and usually one forearm in dragon mode too (love those claws). A very fun mold that I was originally going to pass on that I'm glad I didn't.

Monday, March 4, 2013