Saturday, November 28, 2009

Late to the party

So, Armada Optimus Prime arrived today. It certainly took long enough.

Already owning the Powerlinx repaint of the mold, I pretty much knew what to expect, except that this original version (granted, it's fresh out of the box) holds together a bit better, with tighter joints. Also, Sparkplug/Bumblebee has some stray silver paint that spills over from his face to the side of his helmet, so I may have to do some careful paint removing. I did switch the chestplates of the this original version with the Powerlinx repaint - the blue paint on the Powerlinx version's Matrix crystal is more attractive than the boring silver of the first release.

Some other things that arrived today (or since we'd been out of town) - Robot Heroes Blitzwing/Hound and Galvatron/Sunstreaker, and the classics Dirt Digger minicon team. I'm going to be very careful with my new Dirt Rocket - apparently the arm-breaking thing is a very common problem. I think I'll give the other two minicons (who I already have) to some of the kids from church for Christmas.

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