Saturday, November 21, 2009

eBay updates...

Ok, so I've also managed to win Armada Thundercracker, Robot Heroes Hound/Blitzwing and Sunstreaker/Galvatron and Classics Dirt Digger Minicon team.

Of those, only Thundercracker has arrived so far (today, in fact - and he's also got 3 minicons that I already own packed on top of the box).

However, one of the guys on the Allspark sold Target Exclusive Animated Shockwave/Bumblebee to me for a decent price.

Target Animated Shockwave (the purple version) is funny because I finally caved on buying him to have the ability to display him in both bot modes at the same time. Obviously, the purple toy would be displayed as Shockwave rather than Longarm Prime, but what I didn't expect is how nice purple Longarm looks. Sure, he's unconvincing as an autobot, but still looks sharp. In fact, I'm impressed with how nice this repaint is in general. There was a little more thought than just "OOH PURPLE SHOCKWAVE" put into him; he's a quality redeco toy and should have seen mass release. Better overall than his exclusive wavemate, Sunstorm (even though I still like him quite a bit).

Armada Optimus STILL hasn't arrived, and I can't contact the seller again because ebay's broken right now (seriously - try searching for an item). So damn irritating. Never bidding again before looking at the feedback.

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