Thursday, November 5, 2009

Steel Tech mine!

Steel Tech Tarantulus arrived in the mail Monday.

Damn, is he nice looking. A truly beautiful toy. So glad I never settled for the vomit-of-color original version.

And even though I got him loose and used (sounds terrible, I know), he looks brand spanking new. Absolutely no metal flaking, as so often happens to the transmetal BW toys.

Just a great toy.

Armada "Super" (Leader) class Optimus Prime is the next one on the way. He's the first release, in normal Optimus colors. I have the "Final Battle"/Powerlinx repaint, but he doesn't really fit in with the other UT Prime toys I have. Plus, he comes with the regular, even more Bumblebee-like first version of Sparkplug, so he can join my nascent Bumblebee collection.

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