Wednesday, February 3, 2010

ROTF Legends Soundwave & Wheelie

Well, Hasbro decided to break my order up into at least two shipments, since the legends toys weren't a preorder - they went ahead and shipped those first, and they arrived today. Of course, as I noted last night, that means I know have to figure out something to do with the Prime and Sideswipe repaints, but the new molds are pretty cool.

The main appeal behind Wheelie is, of course, his size. One of the smaller transformers (his alt mode is a toy RC truck), his only other toy is a fairly tall deluxe. While that actually fits in scale quite well with Scalpel and Ejector (two other TFs who turn into "objects"), he's far too big to fit in with most vehicle mode TFs. While the legends version is still a bit big to realistically do this, he's much closer than the deluxe. His truck mode is very compact-looking from the front, though marred by obvious robot parts on the back. Overall, pretty neat, but could be better.

Soundwave's strength is also his bot mode. Since his alt mode is a cybertronian satellite, it doesn't have to look much like anything, meaning that the designers could put more thought into is robot form. He's one of the more posable legends - his head is balljointed, as are his shoulders. He's got 180 degree hinge elbows, balljointed hips, and even an ankle hinge. The only key joints he's missing are knees (similar to how Legends Animated Prowl was only missing forward shoulder movement). One neat thing is that, even though he only has one official alt mode - the satellite (which, like the deluxe, has its own head mold) - you can finagle a spacecraft mode out of it, like the deluxe has.

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