Thursday, January 29, 2009

Fun with money...

It's been a long time since I updated. However, I have managed to pick up quite an number of transformers since then, largely due to Christmas (big thanks to my wife, parents, and in-laws!).

However, my TF buying is going to have to be more infrequent for now. I was trying to maintain a budget of $50 a month, but now I'm having to shoot for even less. For example, the only thing I'll be buying in February will be Universe Dinobot - a mere ten dollars. Ah well.

I did manage to pick up the new Animated Jetfire/Jetstorm set about two weeks ago, and got it for only $15, too. They're both a lot of fun, and a bit different from most other TFs, too.

I'm getting terribly excited for the new movie line, especially the Devastator figure. It's supposedly around 2 feet tall and about $100. That'll probably be a birthday thing at this point.

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