Sunday, May 31, 2009

Revenge is here!

The initial waves of toys for the new Revenge of the Fallen movie were released over the past couple of days.

On Friday, I got:

Leader Megatron

Voyager Starscream

Deluxes Soundwave, Rampage, & Sideswipe

Scout Ransack

Legends Jetfire

Robot Heroes Sideswipe vs. Sideways

Gravity Bot Bumblebee (for my son, who just turned 2 last week!)

Yesterday, I also picked up deluxe Chromia and scout Knock Out in a moment of weakness. The only other TF I plan to pick up until July is Voyager Skywarp, a Walmart exclusive that the two Walmarts I went to didn't have yet. Also, my wife said she'd get me leader Optimus Prime for Father's Day, which is pretty nice. Tomorrow I'm going to begin working on cleaning up my TF room & reorganizing my display, largely to accomodate the new ROTF toys. I'll post some pictures later.

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