Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm now undertaking a project on this site that's going to take a long while to finish. I'm writing mini-reviews on each of the toys listed in my collection, starting with Energon Cruellock, Sharkticon, Universe Bonecrusher (Target version) and Classics Ramjet. Each line (well, roughly each line) will have its own page. They will all be linked to this main page and to each other. Each review will specifically list the toy's faction, size class, time of release, and accessories along with the actual mini-review paragraph.

Wish me luck!

Oh, and while I'll do a full post once actual toy pics are shown, the Botcon site has put up artwork of Clench, who's an awesome remold (new head) of Universe Onslaught, just like I wanted. Slammin'.

edit: Breaking news!
Turns out they are making a Rapido repaint for Botcon! Awesome! Of course, it's a crappy pic missing the head section, so we don't know if there's a head remold or not. Then again, the pic is of the toy in alt mode, so even if the piece was there, we couldn't see the head. So, while this means that after Botcon I'll own five (!) version of this mold, I'm pretty happy that one of them is based on one of the most fun little toys I got in 3rd grade. Oh, this reminds me - I need to do part 3 in the Botcon post series.

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