Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kre-2: The Sequel!

Once in a generation, comes the...Retail Surprise!
So. That G2 (yellow) Devastator Kreon from a few posts back? Well, it's coming out, all right, and it's even still included with the Devastator building set!

Well, that'd be cool, variants and all that kind of thing. But no. This is better.

Much better.

As you can see to the left, Devastator ain't the only thing going on with this, the biggest and baddest of Kre-O sets! Weighing in at ninety four dollars, this Toys R Us exclusive also includes a Kre-O Ironhide kit! And man, he looks pretty danged good. Mostly G1 inspired, with a bit of Movie/Animated/Prime influence thrown in for good measure, this is a rare Total Retail Surprise that has sneaked up on us, appearing out of nowhere at a US TRU.

More than just Ironhide, the set also includes a port-o-potty "brick house" and an extra human dude Kreon for kicks. I mean, I was all about getting the Devastator set when it eventually clearanced down some (keep in mind I got Kre-O Ratchet for four bucks this summer), but now I'm kind of screwed. See, TRU pretty much never clearances their exclusives, so my hopes of paying $40, $50 tops for Devastator are now quashed. Of course, even though this set is $15 over the MSRP for Normalstator, the Ironhide & Bits more than makes up for this difference. Luckily, this thing will mostly like sit on shelves forever, so even if I can't finagle my way into getting one for my birthday or Christmas, I should still be able to pick one up, oh, let's say, next April.

Of course, waiting that long will be hard. Ironhide! Devastator! G2 Kreonstator! In box! It's too great. The only thing I can think of to complain about is the fact that among the 7 (!) Kreons it includes, only two are robots. But that just means more dudes for Devastator to kill, I guess.

Thanks to Triceraton 1 of the Allspark for the photo!

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