Monday, January 7, 2013

Hunting Party

So, over the past week, we've had the entire 2nd wave of Beast Hunters deluxes revealed, either purposely or not, online. They're pretty cool!

First, Ripclaw - pretty different from the Kre-O version, this Predacon has the same body as the other female Predacon, Ser-Ket, from the Rage of the Dinobots comic. Different colors, though. Pretty traditional European dragon mode, with a tri-clawed gun-tail. Bot mode is...interesting, with weird shoulders and head, but the tail claw become a hand-held weapon. Pretty cool, maybe more so than Laserback.

Second - Bulkhead! Yep, a deluxe Bulkhead. Which, honestly, is something some of us wondered would happen back when the only TFPrime toys we knew up were deluxes (FE wave 1, basically). This is a totally new mold, obviously, and is based on the already-known remold/repaint of the Commander class toy, which has the typical BH spikes and a Roadbuster color scheme. This toy keeps the Roadbuster look, but the BH armor "modifications" are not the same, and the robot mode looks pretty different as a result. New transformation means that the hood reveals a robot-armor chest, which a Animated Bulkhead's thin windshield lines (neat!). He also has a pretty cool "dragon grinder" buzzsaw weapon to mount on his forearm(s). Unfortunately, it looks like his has "Scourge-bows" (although I suppose it's appropriate that someone in a dragon-themed line would!). Pretty tempting, but I may just go for the Commander remold.

Third - Smokescreen - finally, confirmation of a new-mold deluxe. There was fear that we would get a Knock Out remold, like Takara made, which not many were interested in. Instead, we get an interesting toy - the base figure is a typical, show-model Smokescreen, but has add-on BH-style armor/weapon. Smart. However, his robot chest is also very blatantly not the car's actual hood, so I'm not happy about that. Honestly, I've got this philosophy for TF engineering that states, basically, that a toy for any given character should have a more accurate/less cheaty transformation scheme than any toy for that character that's in a lower size class. Translation? The upcoming legion class Smokescreen has a real hood-chest; this one should too.

Fourth - Starscream! TFP Screamer gets his second deluxe mold (after the awesome FE). Looks a bit weird, but it's a deluxe Starscream, so I'm pretty certain that I'll cave. Plus, it's not really a bad weird anyway. I'm looking forward to larger, clearer pics.

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