Saturday, February 2, 2013

Operation: gimmickry

My mom found FoC Soundwave and Soundblaster at the TRU near her work, and was kind enough to pick up Soundwave for me. I'm passing on Soundblaster, as cool as he looks, mostly because I don't care for Buzzsaw and I think the purple "dark energon" on Soundwave makes more sense. Plus, the upcoming Blaster toy is a remold of this mold, and I don't think I need all three version. (She was actually dispatched to the TRU to hopefully find a replacement FE Bulkhead -mine has a sort of defective right chest panel - but no luck)

Anyway, Soundwave/blaster is the first voyager class toy from the WfC/FoC toylines, and he's a doozy. After getting used to increasingly smaller voyager toys over the past few years, Soundwave is a beast. And while the deluxe version from 2010 is still pretty good, this one captures the proportions and overall look of the game design much better.

The key difference, of course, is the gimmick that voyager Soundwave is literally built around. While the deluxe could store his guns in his chest cavity, the voyager has space for his minions. I've already gone over how the datacons work, but I am very pleased to say that the actual deployment/ejection gimmick works pretty well. I say this because a lot of others online have reported their Soundwaves having datacons stuck in the cavity and other problems. So far, Laserbeak has had no issues with his boss and transforms upon ejection - it's pretty awesome. My 5-year-old loves it; he'll probably get Soundblaster for his birthday. Basically, this is one of most successful voyager toys and Soundwaves, well, in the history of the franchise. Good on Hasbro for having the gumption to go for it.

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