Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Stasis Lock Immanent

So my last post was in March? Wow, time flies. This post is going to serve two main purposes: to highlight some recent TF acquisitions of mine, and to discuss my waning interest in the brand.

Yes, believe it or not, my enthusiasm for Transformers is on the decline. You can basically blame Lego. My son got several Lego sets a month ago for his birthday, and I had a blast helping him build and play with them. So much that I went and got myself a few more sets (nothing too crazy). Basically, I realized that Legos are probably the superior toy. Obviously, they are flexible in that you can do so much with them (one thing I always appreciated about TFs versus normal toys was the puzzle aspect/having 2 toys in one), but you also have multiple "universes" or franchises in one universal format. I've got Superman hanging out with Darth Vader and Gandalf. Come on, how great is that? Venom can wear War Machine's armor. Anakin can use Spider-Man's webbing. It's too great.

     Thing is, Legos are hella expensive, so I can't really swing collecting both TFs and Legos. Which I guess is ok, considering how many TFs I have. I'm still interested in some upcoming releases (finishing BH Abominus, getting the FoC Wreckers, Stealth Megatron, etc), but many of them, even Metroplex, just don't look as interesting as they used to.

So, enough with the bad/sad/whatever news.

I finally did manage to get my hands on a PRiD Skyquake about three weeks ago. Nothing groundbreaking, but he does look nice and I now have him to pair with his voyager-class brother.

I also FINALLY got my first TFCC Subscription toy in the mail this week. Spoilers:

It's Scourge. C&P from the Allspark:

 I will say the toy looks pretty good; though for some reason I think I was expecting metallic teal paint apps. Still very nice looking. Don't care much for the inverted G2 symbol, but it's accurate to the show and something Hasbro wouldn't have done had this been a retail toy, so it's cool. My personal take on this Scourge is something like TDKR Bane, in that he wants to physically and spiritually crush Optimus, so wearing Optimus' head upside down makes sense. I also kind of wish the bas-relief Matrix had some silver on it; not so much for fictional reasons, but just because it looked damned good on SG Magnus.

In summation, this was one of the toys that I really wanted from the sub. Not as much as UM (or maybe even Slipstream), but it helped seal the deal. I'm dealing with a decline in my interest in the brand right now, so had this arrived on time (say, three months ago or so), I'd be a lot more excited, and would have done a nice blog post with photos comparing Scourge to the other 3 copies of the mold that I have. As such, I do like it, but where it would have once been a permanent part of my collection, I'm now considering selling it at some point (not now) just as I will Jackpot and Circuit.

So, there you have it.

I probably will, at some point, add some comparison photos for Scourge, Optimus, SG Optimus, and SG Magnus. But not today.

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