Saturday, October 11, 2014

Season of the Witch

Well, hello there! It's been about 2 months since I posted on Swerve and Tailgate, and my birthday has come and gone with Halloween on the horizon! I got exactly enough birthday cash to get Jhiaxus, Windblade and voyager Drift (on sale for $20) the other day. 

It says something that my only non-exclusive AoE toy is a remold of a DOTM toy. Drift is a strange bird of a figure but in the end works pretty well. I'm not happy about having to sand down his sword handles, but he's well armed besides. Windblade is a toy I initially was very excited for, and then not very much, but once I got to see some online in-hand pics, it looked like she'd be ok after all. I do wish she felt more solid - a lot of connections in both modes are held with friction - but overall she's a good deluxe. She needs to be remolded into a G1 Slipstream, though. Jhiaxus hits a lot of buttons. I was already a big fan of the base Starscream mold for what should be by now obvious reasons, and Jhiaxus is an interesting character who never had his own toy aside from a late-RiD Kaybee exclusive repaint of deluxe BM Jetstorm, which this new toy for whatever reason draws its deco from. Still, that means he's pretty close to being a Halloween transformer, which is never reall a bad thing. I love the new parts as well, and can't wait to get deluxe Armada Starscream out of storage at my parents' to compare in-hand.

So, I might only have Arcee left for the year...I did see legends Acid Storm last weekend, but passed on it for now. NYCC did reveal a Thundercracker remold of the new leader class Jetfire, but I don't think I need a non-MP Thundercracker that big, and that mold with its fake chest cockpit sucks besides. I'm glad to have these three new TFs, but am still looking forward to unloading many others in the collection and just picking some up sporadically.

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