Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tiny Magnus!

We saw a rumored listing for these earlier last week, and people pretty easily determined that these were the molds that would be used for these characters. I've got to say I'm loving them! These molds were part of the first legends toys made for G1, and now they are being repainted to give us a few more of those G1 dudes. Takara actually already made their own Cliffjumper repaint a few years back, and I'm not interested in him anyway (I don't think). The other two are where it's at, though! While I really would have loved some kind of Commander-class Ultra Magnus (even a repaint of T30 Optimus), this isn't too bad either and will sit well alongside legends Optimus and Motormaster. I have a fondness for "white Prime" Magnuses, but I also appreciate the blue legs on this one (a callback to Classics Magnus, I guess). I'm amused as hell by the box art too, what with its depiction of armored Magnus in his armorless colors (a notion that I actually dreamed up being used on Armada Overload as a way to produce a SG Magnus before FP made their own, different take on the idea). I'm really only disappointed by Magnus's lack of a weapon here, but Optimus didn't come with one either, so I guess the Mario Bros of the TF world get to punch their way out of trouble.

Skywarp gives us the chance to complete yet another Seeker trinity, which is amusing because the T30 Commander mold has a Skywarp repaint being released in the near future as well; hopefully both will be purchasable around the same time! Also Skywarp lucks out in that the mold has its own built in weapons, so he'll have an edge over Magnus and CJ in combat.

I just hope these guys will actually be easy to find at retail - I definitely prefer seeing these guy on Dollar General pegs for years than not getting them at all in the US, like some legion/legends waves of the past year and a half or so.

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