Saturday, May 9, 2015

I'm liking it...!

This...this is our clearest pic yet of Optimus Maximus, the combiner made of a white repaint (who isn't Magnus...?) of Optikus Prime and the 84bots - remolds of the Stunticons designed to look like Ironhide, Prowl, Sunstreaker and Mirage (oh, and a Hot Rod remold of Blackjack, too). While it has been pretty easy for people to figure out that Sunstreaker would use the Breakdown mold and Mirage would use the Dragstrip mold (which is also evident in the top part of the art, which we first saw about two months ago), it wasn't clear until recently that Ironhide would for sure use the Off-Road mold, and we still haven't seen anything clear yet for Prowl, and honestly the art here doesn't really help ID him either. I'm sure that he's based on Streetwise/Dead End like a lot of other people are guessing,but this pic does not exactly close the case. Oh well - while I don't plan on getting Optimus Maximus (unless I think he makes a convincing Magnus), I'm really anticipating these limbs and I hope that I can still get them for $15 instead of $20 by their release date.

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