Saturday, February 13, 2016

Crap, it's been a year since they unveiled Devastator

Aight. Here we go. We start with "Emissary," (a cute Megabolt Megatron callback) who is supposed to be Spike, but bump that.
Here is Emissary in head mode:
Which belongs to Cerebros. I didn't realize that his original toy's head didn't look like this, but apparently it's modeled specifically off the cartoon. 
Here is Cerebros is head mode:
Ok, you know and I know that this is a remold of Metroplex. I might actually get this guy though, as he's much more purposefully designed to interact with smaller toys. Also, I know I bought Titan Class Devastator last year, but I'm very sure that I have no idea how bring these true Titan toys are. I mean, there's a display pic from Toyfair that, plain as day, shows the new Leader class Optimus Prime (Magnus remold) only coming up to Max's knee. I don't think I get that the toy could be that big. Anyhow, I I've the double-headmaster functionality that was retained from the 80s toy (especially since Cerebros is a total nobody who wouldn't get a new toy otherwise), but I'm curious as to why Max isn't shown with the gun from his box art. He looks weird without a primary weapon.
Laser beak looks pretty hot is his mostly black deco, despite this mold being kinda rough.
Wheelie, meanwhile, looks fantastic. I don't think he'll have his slingshot like the last two versions did, but it's great that headmasters can tear ass around Fort Max in Wheelie.
Blurr has got to be the hottest thing officially shown so far. As much as I love DriftBlurr for his Coller-designed head, this mold just kills everything. The car mode is hot and can be friggin' piloted. He actually looks fast in bot mode. On top of it all, he still got his "hood ornament" on his helmet despite having a headmaster for a head!
Let me first say that this never would have happened 10+ years ago. Specifically, it's still kind of amazing that Hasbro is willing to release Blurr and Scourge in the same wave given their many similarities. Anyhow, I'm not really digging Scourge's bot mode a ton, but that is the best alt mode he has had as a toy. Again, improved by the fact that it's pilotable. I still can't get over that these transformers are transforming into actual vehicles.
Mindwipe comes preprogrammed with 3 Satan laughs! Just look at that bat mode! It's a damned demon! Neat wing transformation, but it also produces redundant wings in bat mode. Also, the bot mode is not really killing it like Blurr manages to do.
Not sure why Chromedome looks like he's a super-remolded Dead End, but it's nice to be getting both him and Rewind in the same toyline. So glad I didn't fall for the TFSS version.

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