Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I don't know what class he is, but as long as he's voyager or leader I'll be happy. VERY happy! Sixshot is probably my favorite G1 mold and I love seeing him get such an unadulterated update with the Titanmaster functionality added. (Update: rumors now indicate that Sixshot is Leader class and will be remolded into his son, Quickswitch!)
Also VERY happy about this guy! Leader Megatron really failed to deliver for me (at least compared to my expectations, which at the time I was really hoping for something more IDW-inspired), but this pretty much gets right what the leader toy didn't. The head sculpt looks great and I think the big red stickers are for the wings of the alleged jet mode (not a big leap, considering all TR voyagers are supposed to be triple-changers).
As much of a fan I am of the RTS G2 Optimus toy, this looks much better - less lanky, better sword and he'll be a Voyager. I wonder what the 3rd mode will be, as if Megatron is to be made into Blitzwing, Optimus could maybe be turned into Octane. I also love the fact that another head (Star Convoy) is thrown in for no extra charge - hopefully we get more double headmasters in the future!
I LOVE that jet mode.
Getaway is...ok. I wasn't on fire for the base Chromedome toy in the first place, but this'll work.
I don't really care about Doublecross here, but I appreciate how, again, full-on G1 the toy is.
Finally, Hot Rod gets a great update to his badly-aging Classics mold!

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