Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday round-up

Well here is what was obtained:

Animated Ultra Magnus did in fact come on Friday, and I went ahead and opened it then.

My wife did indeed get me Universe Onslaught.

And my parents came through with Titanium Grimlock and Prowl. This one in particular is good because they are exclusive to Toys R Us, which isn't close to here at all. Also, these toys are the size of a normal $10 transformer, but normally used to cost $15 due to the high metal content. These last two exclusive were being sold for $20 at TRU, meaning that I would have had to pay $40 for 2 10 dllar-sized toys. So go mom & dad. Dad also got me a new pocketknife since I lost mine in Ohio this summer, so I can now open TFs without hunting down the scissors. Yay!

Still trying to find Animated Sentinel Prime and Swoop, though. I checked 2 walmarts on the way home Sunday and they had about 3 Animated deluxes between them. That's one point against rural GA walmarts (especially since I have it on good authority that some even more rural walmarts do infact have these newer toys).

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