Thursday, October 2, 2008

Animated core cast: complete!

I picked up Activators Bumblebee yesterday. I'd seen him on shelves for about two months now, but due to other characters having more interesting or exciting figures, I neglected the character all that time. The deluxe version has been available since June, and I've avoided that one still - no plans for it.

Activator 'Bee has turned out to pretty cool. Granted, it's basically a cheaper version of Classics 'Bee in the Animated aesthetic, but it still looks good next to Leader Bulkhead. Scale feels right with these two. And, along with Prowl, Ratchet, and Voyager Prime, I have rounded out the core Autobot cast! I really should pose them together.

Oh, and I gave up looking for Sentinel Prime and Swoop. They, along with Marvel Crossover Human Torch and Legends Jazz and Hound are on order from HTS. Which is pretty much my monthly budget. And it's only the 2nd.

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