Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Hall of Fame

So, Hasbro let fans know recently that they're making a Transformers Hall of Fame. The "inaugural class" this year will have 5 characters, with four already chosen by Hasbro. They are, pretty predictably:

Optimus Prime

The fifth character is to be chosen by the fans via online voting next Monday, the 10th. The nominees were culled from various websites' own polling, and this week Hasbro is posting the 5 different nominees. Yesterday began with Soundwave as the first nominee, and today the second was revealed to be Grimlock.

So, you know, I'll be voting for Soundwave. It just makes sense. He's iconic in the same way Optimus is, and, arguably, is the more recognizable Decepticon compared to either Megatron or Starscream (most people remember "the tape player guy.")

What's neat is that the winner won't be revealed until the Saturday night dinner at Botcon. And I'll get to be there, so that's pretty cool.

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