Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New stuff on HTS (sort of)

Hasbro Toy Shop has once again had a major transformers update. Unfortunately, it doesn't involve getting Human Alliance Mudflap back in stock; rather, they've put up for preorder a bunch of the new stuff shown off at ToyFair back in February. Stuff like Hunt for the Decepticons movie toys, the first wave of Power Core Combiners, and also the first wave of Generations deluxe toys.

Which is all pretty cool, because I'm excited about almost all of that stuff, except that these, again, are preorders, but they don't ship until August 9th. Makes it all kind of a tease, especially since the toys will probably/hopefully be on US shelves much sooner (hopefully by Botcon next month). They're actually already out in places like Malaysia and Australia, so it really should only be a few weeks before they get here. Which is good, because the pickings are getting very slim at the local Walmart (which never got the ROTF NEST wave with Ratchet and Lockdown, mind you).

Anyway, at least this shows that Hasbro is moving ever closer toward releasing all this awesome new product.

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