Friday, September 3, 2010

September is here

Well, it's now September. With the wish list in play, it's now a month until I find out if it was worth the time it took to type up.

My predictions are that I'll get the Toys R Us exclusives on the list - Masterpiece Grimlock and Animated Ironhide & Rodimus - because my mom is really reliable about getting TRU exclusives. However, I've updated the list to show the full range of toys that should be out before Christmas (and many of them are showing up already - Generations waves 2 AND 3 have already been sighted!), so I wonder how overwhelming it looks. I haven't bothered to sit and calculate the full price of all the stuff on there, because I know it's a few hundred dollars.

Still, at this point I'd rather ask for this stuff and be a bit disappointed than get it on my own and get criticized. Last time I talked to my dad about scaling back my collection was about a year ago, for last year's birthday. I haven't done a good job of that (obviously!), but this is my attempt to seriously tackle it.

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