Monday, August 30, 2010

Well, I made an exception.

If you check out the collection roster, you can see it was updated recently. Yeah, I made an exception to my TF purchase moratorium - Crossovers Spider-Man (specifically, the black repaint of the car mold). You see, this guy is damn hard to find, and this was the only one I've ever seen (down in Orlando this past weekend, no less), so I didn't really think I could pass it up.

It helps (me, at least) that I deemed this guy's existence to be so minimal that he didn't even make the long TF wishlist I gave my wife and mother, so I don't feel too bad. After all, I didn't get anything that was on the list.

And, you know, he's pretty cool. Check out the mini-review here on the Crossovers page; it's the second one down. I'm thinking about even doing a full photo-review for this guy, as I don't think I've seen one yet online since he's so friggin' rare.

I guess I can get rid of that Black Symbiote Spider-Man action figure I got a few years back now.

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