Thursday, August 26, 2010

Random TF thoughts

First: I am now, suddenly, really anticipating Generations/War for Cybertron Megatron. I mean, I was never not going to get him, but since I already had a deluxe, cybertronian G1 Megatron (the Universe Special Edition repaint of the Classics deluxe tank Megatron mold), I didn't quite know where to fit this mold into my "fanon." But I figured it out. One of the neat things about WFC Megatron is how his chest slightly echos the chest design of Classics Voyager Megatron (hereafter "Imperial" Megatron), a toy which I consider to be an upgraded form/new body for the aforementioned Universe SE Megatron. However, Universe SE Megatron looks a bit "primitive" compared to both WFC and Imperial Megatron, what with his missing right hand, being replaced by the not-quite-a-fusion-cannon tank barrel and all.

So, I decided that USE Megatron is Megatron when he's only just begun organizing the 'cons - as per both the Exodus novel and Megatron: Origin, he's modified his "mining tank" alt mode into a combat tank, but it's a bit cobbled together. Later, he upgrades to a body fully designed for combat from the get-go, which is his WFC toy. This also introduces the proper, arm-mounted fusion cannon, and his tank mode now has hover capabilities, but not flight. Much later, when the 'cons have taken over most of Cybertron (much like a time just before the very beginning of the G1 cartoon), he upgrades again into his Imperial body, a much more powerful and imposing form with a Shockwave-esque flying cannon alt mode and wings that convert starlight into energon for his weapon systems.

Second, I've been having a lot of fun over the past two days with Drift and Animated Freeway Jazz. Remember that pic I posted at the beginning of the year, with Jazz holding ROTF Bludgeon's weapons? Yeah, he looks just as awesome wielding Drift's swords. Also, lately, I've got the two paired as a multiversal team tracking down Shattered Glass Wheeljack (yes, Botcon Slice(r)), with SG Ravage as point man, in part inspired by Walky's Botcon Shortpacked posts. I've really taken a liking to the idea that SG Wheeljack and G1 Slicer are, in fact, one and the same - SG Wheeljack ends up dimension-hopping and gets stuck in the G1 Universe for a time, but not before finding himself int he UT universe where he upgrades his body with Autobot combiner tech and energon weapons. Also, the stay in the G1 universe as Slicer explains him having the 'con symbols in addition to his SG Autobot symbol.

Yay for imagination.

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