Monday, October 4, 2010

Finally, TFCC mag # 35

I finally got the new club mag in the mail today. I was kind of pissed, since one of the truly new images, that of the new legends class Trailbreaker toy, was released online the other day. However, the one remaining new pic in the mag was worth the wait.

Yes, I'm talking about Generations G2 Optimus Prime. He's very cool, and not quite what I was expecting. He's certainly not just a downscaled version of the original. In fact, you might be forgiven if you thought he was yet another iteration of Movie Optimus Prime. Granted, Movie Optimus borrowed a bit from G2 Optimus in the first place - both were longnose cabs, had decos that didn't directly copy G1 Optimus', and they both have swords.

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