Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yeah, that means Dark of the Moon, the subtitle (and thus internet prefix for toys) for Transformers 3.

And already, there's a ton of DOTM toys leaking onto the internet. Mostly cool, some not quite so.

My favorites so far:

- Deluxe Starscream: We got a deluxe movie Starscream when the first movie line fist started almost four years ago, but that was of his Cybertronian "protoform" mode. This new deluxe is clearly based on his ROTF appearance - apparently, he keeps his scars/tats for the new movie - and even learns a trick or two about transformation from the HftD Leader class toy. Being that he's a deluxe, F-22 Starscream, he reminds some of Energon Starscream - a point magnified more so when you see that his has nonintegral weapons that also resemble Energon Starscream's (one's a gun, the other's a blade, and they combine).

-"Dread" - another deluxe, this one a black SUV. I'm not sure of the actual character's name (could be Crankcase), but apparently there's a subgroup of 'cons in the new movie called the Dreads. And they actually have dreadlocks in bot mode. In fact, the overall appearance of the toy's robot form really isn't that dissimilar from the Yautja Predators of cinematic fame (amusing when you consider how much like a xenomorph ROTF Ravage looks).

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