Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok, so I caved on the RTS Battle in Space set the other day. That Cyclonus kept looking better and better, and the metal Matrix that can fit G1 Optimus and exclusive comic book didn't help.

I guess I'll try to sell the Hot Rod/imus, as I don't think he looks as good as the original Classics release. I also prefer the Universe purple version of Nightstick to this more G1-accurate repaint, so he'll have to go, too.

However, Cyclonus is awesome. I had been a big fan of the very dark purple of the original Universe release, but when compared in hand to this new version, it's clear that the cruddy light grey doesn't do much for the older toy, especially when comparing the faces. And yes, the new repaint is more cartoon-accurate, even though I'm not always a big stickler for that. It helps that this new Cyclonus doesn't have trouble with one of his arms remaining connected to his torso, I suppose. So, yeah, I'll somehow get rid of old Cyclonus.

Also, the Matrix is pretty great. No paint, but it's a nicely shiny silver color, and looks very good in hand or in G1 Prime's chest. It's also got a nice heft to it, which was a bit surprising.

As for the comic, it's pretty fun. Boo's on art, so everything looks very loose and Animated-ish. This worked very well for his 'Bots of Science' story in The Arrival, and it's not the worst thing ever here, but it could be better. For example, Hot Rod looks very little like the toy in the box that this comic's included with. Cyclonus fares better, as do Kup and Galvatron. On the plus side, many of the characters have been redesigned to look like newly released/upcoming toys - Kup, Scourge, Grapple, for example. There's even a Warpath with a new design, leading most to think he'll get a new toy (as all the characters in non-new toy bodies have designs that strictly adhere to the G1 looks). Also, notably, RS Lugnut makes an appearance, confirming that his new toy represents a G1 version of himself, not from the Movie-verse or Prime-verse. Lastly, the comic takes place "behind-the-scenes" (or maybe between the scenes?) of the 1986 Animated Movie, which is pretty cool. I guess you could keep this with IDW's adaptation of the 86 Movie from a few years back, even if the designs don't mesh.

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