Friday, June 3, 2011

Botcon - 2011!

Hey hey, it's Botcon weekend! No, unfortunately, I'm not reporting from sunny Pasadena, but I'm excited anyway.

So far, there's not a lot of news yet, but here's what we've got:

At-con exclusives (they managed to keep them under wraps until the convention this year!):
- 3-pack of Animated Autotroopers (I'd like one, but not at con prices)
- 2-pack of Animated Toxitron and Sideswipe (in G2 Sideswipe colors; new head) (I'd like Sideswipe and may try to get him, but I'll live without him)
- 2 pack of SG Galvatron (Cyb Evac repaint) and SG Thundercracker (repaint of Classics Seeker mold) - I'd really like to get these; we'll see.

In attainable toy news, the only truly new stuff we've seen so far has been a grey/green repaint of DOTM Thunderhead (looks good! Not sure if it's a 'Bot or 'Con yet) and a new DOTM HA Scout mold - another motorcycle. Red, it's named Reverb, not unlike the ROTF toy. However, We've also gotten to see MP Rodimus Prime in and out of package. He lacks the trailer of the foreign release, but include a new mold Targetmaster partner. A TRU exclusive, it looks great and I'm sure to get it. We've also just recently gotten to see the packaging for Transformers: Prime Bumblebee and Arcee. Starscream was also on display, but his packaging wasn't. These three are part of a "First Edition" series and will apparently be out next month! Glad it's just three of them.

Also, my DOTM collection is now up to 8! I found a couple of Christmas gift cards today and went ahead and picked up deluxe Barricade and CV Legion Sideswipe. Both are nice; I love Barricade's Mechtech weapon.

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