Monday, May 30, 2011


So, I picked up DotM Starscream yesterday (we got paid). I'm also typing this from my new laptop, which cost a little more than Starscream did!

I'll do a proper review later, but Starscream is pretty great. He's easily the best version of Movie Starscream that's close to this size, and even rivals the leader mold in some regards. I'll still be getting the upcoming silver repaint of ROTF Voyager Starscream, but this new toy is definitely a better mold. The Mechtech weapon(s) is pretty good. The conversion mechanic works well, but the connection between the two parts isn't quite as strong as the spring, so the flipped-out blade slowly moves out of its fully extended position while the two pieces are connected. I may try to get another one. We'll see. I am very happy that the repaint, Thundercracker, is in wave 3, which is already starting to hit shelves in some places. I'm sure I'll buy any and all other-Seeker repaints of this mold (and maybe even a G1-style Starscream repaint, should they choose to go that route).

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