Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OK, so D-Day has come and gone.

The Dark of the Moon toys were officially released yesterday! And you that list I had with the stuff I wanted to get? Yeah, that didn't really happen.

I went by the local Walmart before work yesterday morning. Money's pretty tight, so I expected to walk out of there with very little; I thought I might by a Cyberverse Legion class toy (the new version of the old, normal legends class toys - $5) or maybe Deluxe Starscream. Well, they didn't actually have much out. They had some deluxes - about four of each wave 1 toy, save for Starscream, of which there was only one. I decided that I'd hold off on him, though I was worried about him selling out before I'd be able to get him (locally, at least). So then I focused on the legion toys. Well, except for the fact that they weren't there. In fact, there weren't any Cyberverse playsets, normal Human Alliance, Leaders, or Voyagers, either. They did also have the Human Alliance Basics and Cyberverse Commanders (though oddly lacking any Sentinel Primes), both of which tempted me. Still, I settled on coming back later, even possibly after the end-of-the-month paycheck.

In the afternoon, my wife and I realized that I had to get some staples at the store, so after we got home from work, I took the kids to the WM. We, of course, ended back up over at the toy section. Clearly, someone had worked hard since the morning. A ton of more stuff was out - Voyagers (just wave 1, it looked like), Leaders, Cyberverse (or CV) Legions, CV Commander Sentinel Prime, the larger/normal Human Alliance toys, and a ton of the extraneous "kiddy"/role play toys. In addition, they had put out their two current exclusives for the line: a two-pack with a remold/repaint of HFTD Battle Blades Optimus (now has faceplate-less head and hooks rather than swords, not to mention a hilarious "sparkle" deco) and Commetor (a repaint of 2007 Landmine) and then a Legends 3-pack with a Goldbug-inspired ROTF Bumblebee, a G1-style ROTF Soundwave, and a more orange than normal repaint of Universe Rodimus. They're both great deals, being much less than their component toys would cost separately, but I don't need them now (and will probably only get the Legends 3-pack).

Anyway, I sifted though the Legions, which offered a few surprises (I didn't expect to see Crowbar, Leadfoot, or Mudflap yet, and I didn't realized there was another psuedo-repaint of ROTF BB). However, since I wanted to focus on core characters for the most part for DOTM, I figures the first toy I get should be one of the those characters, and the only Legions that meet that qualification were Ratchet and the two BBs, none of which I wanted to be my first DOTM toy. So I looked at the Commanders again, and I was leaning toward getting Megatron. However, I let my son decide which one I should get between Megatron, Optimus, Ironhide, and Sentinel, and he went for Optimus (after a few attempts to get me to buy more than one), so that's what we got.

He's pretty cool. I'll put of some pics later.

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