Thursday, January 26, 2012

2011 Transformer of the Year...Finally

So, I finally got around to finalizing my 2011 Transformer of the Year! I only opened this guy up after I did the actual Best of 2011 post, so he may have other wise gone somewhere else on that list, but he's awesome enough that he deserves to be here in his own post.


The Basement Invasion 2011 Transformer of the Year is Transformers: Prime: First Edition Starscream!

Yeah, this guy is awesome. He really redefines what can be done with a deluxe jetformer. Yes, he has his kibble problems - his bottom half is all legs and his chestplate just aft of the cockpit. However, the legs (in jet mode) are headed up buy the F-16's intake and they occupy a space that actually exists on that airplane, so this isn't the traditional jetformer bottom kibble that we're all so used to. Also, the chestplate is a lot less of a big deal in person than I thought it would be, as the details do actually flow fairly well with the rest of the design. Perhaps the only real downside to the jet mode are the permanently deployed landing gear, though they are thankfully short.

Robot mode is where Starscream really shines. He does look pretty much like his on-screen counterpart, which itself is a sort of deadlier-looking version of Animated Starscream. His headsculpt is great with its smirk, and his articulation allows him to have some great, character-filled poses. Also, I love how the jet's exhaust actually forms the back-mounted jetpack as on the show. His hunched back doesn't hurt, either.

Love this guy; hope the voyager's at least as good.

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