Monday, January 30, 2012

Drifting away...

So, I may not be able to get my hands on Botcon 2012 Shattered Glass Ultra Magnus and Soundwave (though I'm sure gonna try), I do definitely have a preorder for Shattered Glass Drift!

I haven't mentioned him yet here, but SG Drift is one of the Club's two 2012 exclusives. It's basically like a Botcon toy, except single-packed and you have to buy it from the club store online. Drift himself is a repaint of the original Drift toy from 2010, but now he also comes with the twin pistols that were made for the Blurr remold of Drift. He still includes all three swords, but I believe that when I have him on display, I'll leave the smaller swords in their scabbards and have him brandish his guns. It feels more appropriate for an evil version of G1 Drift, who's known for being s swordsbot. He's also $50.

So, how did I justify his cost to myself? After all, on top of the $40 I had to pay to renew my club membership, Drift's gonna cost me $90 before shipping. Here's what I did:

See, this year's free Club toy is a remold of Generations Wheeljack as Runamuck (the white battlecharger). I didn't really want him. Luckily, the other club exclusive alongside Drift is Runabout, the black battlecharger buddy of Runamuck, who he's a black repaint of. So, naturally, there's going to be a market for those people who want both the free Runamuck and the $54 Runabout. However, not everybody wants to join the club, and will buy these toys regardless secondhand from a club member such as myself. So, I ordered Runabout along with SG Drift, and when both of my battlechargers arrive, I'll be offloading them to someone else for at least the cost of Runabout alone, and hopefully a bit more, since my $40 for club membership will be partly wasted once Runamuck is gone. Either way, it'll more than pay for my SG Drift, which is all I'm really trying to do. Pics from the Club facebook page, by the way.

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