Friday, February 3, 2012

Brawls out

Hoo boy! So, someone over at the Allspark posted scans of the newest issue of Game Informer, which has some pretty impressive news: We're getting a new Bruticus!

Yes, we saw Bruticus in the FoC trailer a few weeks back, and the new design for Vortex in an older issue of GI. However, I really didn't expect that we'd be getting all five WfC/FoC Combaticons and they would actually combine!
The only Combaticon of note in the previous WfC game was Brawl, who you can see below. He looks great, even if he has a bit of a backpack. Onslaught was also in the game, but only as one of those DLC or whatever characters. Still, both retain their designs from the first game in both FoC and in their new toys. Swindle, also seen below, is one of the completely new Combaticons, and while his head could be more G1-ish (it looks a bit like his Trailbreaker-intended Alternators head, really), he otherwise looks great, with an awesome Cybertronian take on a Jeep for his alt mode (I especially like his WfC Soundwave-like wheel hubs; good visual continuity, there). And, obviously, that's Bruticus' big noggin up above, looking awesome. It seems as though he won't have his own chest armor/unique chest configuration, as his torso matches Onslaught's, but it's not a big deal.

Other than Onslaught presumably being the same size as the other Combaticons (Generations is still all-deluxe, so far as we know), there isn't much to complain about here! There are still a lot of unknowns, but the idea that we're getting out first "real" combiner since G1 (yes, even the Energon combiners were a bit less "legit" than this, with their repaint limbs) is some awesome news.

Oh, and did I mention we also got Optimus and Shockwave confirmed for FoC toys, too (along with a whole host of new Prime toys we didn't know about)?

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