Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Swing and a miss

Ok, so today was the day that HTS finally deigned to list the SDCC exclusives.


Bruticus sold out in less than three minutes. I didn't stand a chance.

Thankfully, I did manage to order Rust in Peace Terrocon Cliffjumper.

So, what next? Well, I wasn't originally a fan of the retail deco for FoC Bruticus, but I did already like Blast Off (purple vs. brown? Yes, please) and more recently, Onslaught, who is actually more game and cartoon accurate. Swindle just has yellow versus gold, which other Swindles have had in the past. No version of Voretx looks G1 accurate, so it was kind of pick your poison already. However, the SDCC Vortex doesn't look that much like the game deco, and the retail one has the advantage of marrying more purple (G1? check!) and orange, which the Energon version of Vortex (Stormcloud) was colored with. Brawl is almost lime green, which I don't appreciate, but whatever. Long story short, I guess I can handle Retail Bruticus. I would have thought about G2 Bruticus, but banana grape Onslaught is a deal breaker.

I was happy to get the RiP version of CJ. The "normal" Terrorcon version of him, that was originally supposed to be a wave 3 First Edition toy, is now going to be released for realz this fall, but it doesn't possess the more detailed deco, dark energon accessories, or over-the-top packaging that the SDCC one does.

Also, the missed opportunity of SDCC Bruticus opened up another opportunity: since he's basically the same price, I decided to have Amazon exclusive Jetwing Optimus replace the Brute as a belated father's day gift. So I'm pretty excited about getting him later in the year.

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