Thursday, June 11, 2015

Now THIS is nice...

This is from Guidi's deviant art page. How flippin' inspired, yet simple, is this?!

The Jet Vehicon always brought Tracks to mind for me because, let's face it, they turn into flying cars, not actual airplanes, but it never occurred to me that the Jet Vehicon's should be repainted into Tracks. However, doing the opposite, as Guidi shows, is just friggin' great. And while this picture didn't require creativity in the sense that it pretty much is just a picture of Tracks's toy, I love it because it's a rare instance where a character design transplanted from a more stylized continuity to G1 actually looks G1. As much as I love Milne's latter-day works, he did just the opposite of this when he transplanted the TFP Vehicon's into MTMTE with no visual changes whatsoever. Yes, yes, MTMTE has a much more stylized look compared to the Sunbow show, but still, I appreciate the effort shown here in Guidi's picture. 

We need a remold of RTS Tracks into G1-ized Vehicons NOW.

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