Friday, January 8, 2016

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

No joke, we've got some official Liokaiser art here folks! Computron was also confirmed via artwork, but I'm much more enamored with Liokaiser here. Largely because I didn't think he'd ever get any kind of US release, and partly because it gives us some much needed additional CW Cons! On the plus side, Liokaiser uses the two jet molds that aren't Blast Off, so we will now have three unique Decepticon jets. Killbison is a straight repaint of Brawl (at least in tank mode), and Drillhorn uses the drill tooling from Nosecone. The torso is a remold of Sky Lynx that is allegedy going to be Deathsaurus, but there's no telling if he will have any new tooling other than the combiner head, and it's seems inevitable that Deathsaurus won't have his own robot mode, just "dragon" mode. Which is amusing, because I thought that the best Remold option for Sky Lynx would be RiD Megatron/Gigatron, and Botcon Deathsaurus is a remold of him.

No telling if Liokaiser comes with a legends partner (some suggest the Groove mold as the Jaguar guy) or the segmented staff shown in the art. I am happy that he has the normal foothandguns, and not specialty types that Victorion and Computron are coming with. In fact, it's still possible that Liokaiser could be a normal, parted out retail release rather than a box set.

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