Monday, January 18, 2016

Repaint Fuel

Ok. I picked up the new Optimus/Bludgeon set last weekend because it finally gives a a return, sort of, to the commander size class. Optimus is really only lacking in his truck mode, and even then the lack of paint is the main issue (surprise!). His robot mode is a real treat - easily better than the deluxe toy and obviously more size appropriate compared to Legion Bumblebee, Strongarm, et al than his own legion toy is. I'll most likely pick up Grimlock from wave 2 for the same reason (and skip Sideswipe and Bumblebee for that same reason). 

As you can see, Optimus's armor combines with his axe to make a giant Warhammer thing. We already got a Magnus repaint of the legion toy, but an Optimus toy that comes with both armor AND a hammer begs to be turned into Ultra Magnus. And I would really be happy with a straight repaint, following the deco cues from the legion toy and casting the Energon parts in blue. There is even precedent for Magnus having his own blue axe thanks to MP-0whatever that was a MP-01 repaint. If they really want to knock it out of the park they could give him the head from the legion toy's packaging art and a new mask piece accordingly. 

I'd also love to see a Megatronus in this size class to square off against Optimus and at least one other Decepticon, maybe Thunderhoof. 

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