Friday, July 29, 2016

Cybertron Con (aka, the other half of SDCC)

So, Hasbro split their late summer presentation content between SDCC last week and now Cybertron Con in China this week. Thankfully, this more recent showing includes stuff we had hoped to see at SDCC but didn't!

Kickback! About time. He'll go great with T30 Shrapnel and CW Bombshell, and now FoC Kickback has been "officially" retconned into a Swarm member/mutated Kickback clone. I particularly appreciate here how well the old diaclone gimmick has been reappropriated for TR. 
Hot Rod! So much better than the Classics mold. I wonder if we can get a MTMTE-style head at some point.
Here we are with Octanimus! Ok, yes, that plane mode is highly iffy, but the truck and robot modes are pretty perfect. Can't wait!
And here's the real deal! It's amazing how much this fulfills my 12-year-long desire for an updated G1-style Sixshot. 

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