Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Do the Shuffle (or, NYCC 2016: Hasbro Does it Again)

Well, Hasbro was back at NYCC this year! After last year's great introduction to Titans Return, this year they continued the steady drip of new product info that kind of started at Botcon earlier this year, continued at SDCC and most recently appeared at Cybertron Con.
Let's start with Shuffler, shall we? This Titanmaster was new to me, but his accessory is a fantastic little mammoth/tank, and just look at that head sculpt! It's so evil! What a great addition to the Decepticons, I thought, especially with yet more purple on the shelves. So I looked him up on the wiki last night and discovered a couple of things:
A) Shuffler's mammoth accessory is pretty accurate to the original mammoth mode seen above! The only real difference is the molded tank treads and gun barrels. 

B) His new head mode is way better than the original. Just look at that thing! Big improvement while keeping the tusk/trunk motif.

C) HE'S A FRIGGIN' AUTOBOT! I can't believe it. This dude looks like nothing less than Crashbash's cousin and looks mean as hell and he's an autobot. Well, not in my house. 

Here's Brawn, who now amusingly has both a Titanmaster toy and legends toy in the same line. This mold look good enough, but I'm not a huge fan of the character and I hope we get an Outback remold.
Doublecross, as seen in that one leak at the end of April. Again, looks ok but I don't really care about him.

Triggerhappy got leaked when Doublecross & Co. did, but these pics make him look better than ever. He has a really great jet mode and the bot mode has some cool weapons options. Don't care much about the character, but unless he gets rereleased as a more appealing character/deco, I may get this one for the mold alone.
Perceptor! This one is too good. Pretty sure he's the first TR deluxe triple changer and he's a big improvement over the RTS toy though I wish he had his AHM reticle. Not much else to complain about, and one of my few Autobot must-haves for the line.

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